25 November 2013

Kindy orientation and runny noses

Poor Popette has been unwell with this past week with a runny nose and dry cough. We originally thought it was just sinus, but now not quite sure. So off to the doctor's today, even though there's probably nothing they can do. We have tried over the counter cold syrups, baby vicks and the vaporiser, but nothing seems to help so I hope the doctor can advise us of something.

Poor little Cherub has caught her big sister's runny nose, and has been snuffly in bed. I'm hoping she doesn't get any worse.

We didn't think Popette would be able to attend Kindy orientation last week as she was feeling miserable, and broke out in a little rash (which we decided was just a sweat rash). Thankfully she was fine on Thursday, and was excited walking us through the gates of the "big school".

Hubby & I were excited for her (and a little upset), we can't believe our little premmie is going to big school next year! Where has that time gone?

Popette was a little shy when we arrived, clinging to us and not wanting to talk to the kids that she knew or be introduced to kids I knew through a friend. After a little cry, she settled down and enjoyed her time in the classroom.

After her visit, she received a nice wide brim hat, and tried on her school uniform...which only upset Hubby & I more. She looks so grown up!

I'm not looking forward to her first day of school, I think there's going to be some serious tears!

Popette loves her new school hat

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  1. oh, so exciting! And yes, a little sad ;( I'm going to be one of those teachers next year, with all the little kinders (we call them 'reception' students in SA). We've been doing transition too, they are so adorable. I'm glad that Popette was well enough to go.


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