23 December 2013

Christmas greetings!

 I'd like to take this time to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year.

We have a busy few weeks planned as Hubby is taking a well earned break from work, which means I will be taking a few weeks away from the blog.

Over Christmas we have various get togethers with family & friends, our run of birthdays (my 41st, Hubby's 40th, and Popette's 5th), and in early January a week's holiday in Brisbane visiting family.

I look forward to coming back in January feeling refreshed and full of some more craft activities to share with you. :)

What are your Christmas plans?

16 December 2013

2013...a year in review

This year has been tough for my family with the passing of my Dad last Christmas. The first few months were hard not only on myself, my Hubby & Mum, but also Popette.

Thankfully we also had some wonderfully happy, spontaneous, fun and loving days spent together as a family.

Here's a little collage of our year in review. :)

09 December 2013

Paying It Forward - Homeless Hampers needs your support

Christmas for me is not just a time for giving, its a time when I stop and think about what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for the love and support of my family & friends.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, fresh food in the fridge, running water & electricity, a warm bed to snuggle in at night, and my husband's job.

I am very fortunate and grateful to have all these things, but it makes me wonder how homeless people cope. I cannot imagine what its like sleeping outside on a freezing cold night in a park or street somewhere without so much as a blanket to keep me warm.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don't have anywhere to live, so have no choice but to live on the street.

Earlier this year, my friend, Gen and her husband Rob, developed a Christmas hamper program for the local homeless people.

It was a clip of two men handing out bottles of water and bananas to New York's homeless on YouTube, that got Gen thinking of how she could help the homeless people of Western and North Western Sydney, when the Paying It Forward - Homeless Hampers Facebook page was born.

Through the page, Gen asked family and friends if they would pledge $17.50 towards a hamper. Within a few hours of sending the request Gen received 30 pledges. By the end of the week, 80 more. They now have 120 hampers to deliver this year.

What the homeless will receive in their hampers this year.
Gen and her family are currently supporting Hawkesbury's Helping Hands and the St Vinnies food van which covers the Hawkesbury, Penrith and Parramatta areas. In the future, they'd like to help the homeless within the Blue Mountains if the funding permits.
Grab N Go packs - busting hunger for just .85c (less than you can buy a bottle of soft drink!)

So far they have helped 20-30 people in Penrith, 30-50 people in Parramatta and 50-60 people in Hawkesbury with whatever items they had in stock.

They are now taking up donations of toiletries, blankets, scarfs, beanies, sleeping bags, Grab N Go packs and other necessary items to hand out to the local homeless when needed. As of January 2014, they also hope to have collection tins circulating around the local businesses.

With the generous support they have received from family and friends, Gen & Rob are hoping to help more regularly and are trying to get backing from local businesses. To encourage local business owners they need at least 500 members to join their Facebook group.

Gen and her family are an inspiration. Their commitment in helping the homeless in their spare time has seen them spend many late nights devoted to this cause.

So now I'd like to ask you to help pay it forward and help them.


Five ways you can help!

  1. Join Paying It Forward - Homeless Hampers Facebook page.
  2. Invite others to the Facebook page and help spread the word about this great cause. 
  3. Provide a cash donation or store voucher from Woolworths, Coles or IGA;
  4. Donate goods; i.e. toiletries, blankets, scarfs, beanies, sleeping bags, small tents, ring pull canned food and non perishable foods.
  5. Volunteer your time. (There will be days when volunteers are needed to distribute goods. Only 2 volunteers will be needed at any one time. No children allowed due to safety reasons.) 
If you are a local business owner and interested in donating goods to this worthy cause, in return for your support your business will be advertised on the Paying It Forward - Homeless Hampers Facebook page.

**This is not a sponsored post**

06 December 2013

Christmas craft projects link-up + free eBook

As you may know,  Popette & I love to make craft, and share our ideas with you.

So with that thought in mind, I wanted to let you in on a little project I am currently working on.

It's a free eBook featuring some of my favourite Kids craft activities posted on the blog, Christmas craft projects, the recipe for my yummy shortbread, along with a couple of unpublished craft projects for you to create with your little ones. :)

To receive a copy of this free eBook all you need to do is complete the sign-up form for the free Christmas craft eBook, and a copy will be delivered to your inbox once it's completed! (Which I hope to get finalised very soon)

Looking for some fun Christmas craft projects to make with the littlies? Well, look no further!

Below I have created a link-up to all the Christmas craft projects Popette and I have made together.

Christmas craft project link-up


Santa Advent Calendar printable


Recycled Christmas card tree