17 January 2014

Being grateful: for six fun days

As you may have read on here or my FB page we have been hit bad with sickness in our little family. You name it, we've had it! Gastroenteritis, a vomiting bug, tonsillitis, throat infection, laryngitis, and 3 more viral infections!!

It's been the worst Christmas break for us in a very long time. I feel so sorry for Hubby who has to return to work on Monday. He is pretty disappointed that he hasn't been able to properly relax over the 3 week's he's had off. He's spent most of it looking after us three girls, or been sick himself.

Six fun days

Thankfully it hasn't all been bad over the past 3 weeks. We've been lucky to have some lovely days together. If I counted them up (including a couple of half days) there would be a total of six days.

~ My birthday lunch with Mum, Hubby and the girls
~ Hubby's birthday which was spent at our favourite beach
~ Daddy took Popette to see "Frozen" (I didn't have a pic for this!)
~ Popette's 5th birthday party at Build-a-Bear
~ Another day trip to the beach
~ Creating a fairy garden with Popette
~ Our outing to the Australian Museum to see the Tyrannosaurs exhibit

So this week I am grateful for six days of fun, of no vomiting or bed stricken sickness, but days of laughter and joy.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Sounds like you made some beautiful memories! I hope everyone is feeling better! And awesome that you got to tge beach :) xx

    1. Thanks Elisa. Hubby & the girls are now sick so I'm hoping they get better soon. xx


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