30 January 2014

Craft: Paper roll fairies

This will be one of the last crafts Popette & I make together for a while. As of next week my "big girl" will be starting Kindy, so I will miss the time I have with my little crafter. But it won't be too long and Cherub will be wanting to make something special with me.

When I suggested to Popette if she would like to make a fairy craft out of plain toilet paper rolls she was very excited. Like most little girls Popette & Cherub adore fairies. Over the Christmas break they watched a couple of Tinkerbell movies which they both enjoyed (OK, me too!), and Popette & I built a little fairy garden out the front of our house.

Popette in front of our fairy garden

Out of some plain toilet paper rolls we had lying around, Popette & I made Tinkerbell, Fawn (The Animal Fairy) and Silvermist (The Water Fairy).

Fawn & Tinkerbell
This is a simple craft to make.

All you need is:

  • Plain toilet paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Textas, Pencils 
  • Plain white paper
  • Pom-poms

To make the wings, draw half a wing shape on a doubled-over piece of paper, so when you cut it out you have two exact size shapes for the wings. Then cut it out, and decorate however you like.

You could get your little one to draw a pattern, colour-in shapes or stick glitter on the wings. We drew patterns in textas, then glued the wings on to the toilet roll. Along with some fairy clothes made out of paper, and legs with little shoes.

Then drew a face and some hair on the toilet roll. And finally, stuck on pom-poms to the shoes, so they looked like Tink's shoes.

Popette making the Silvermist fairy
Cherub was happy to colour-in and place stickers in her Dinosaur book

Suitable age group: 3 - 5 yrs
Estimated time: 15-20 mins (if Mum or Dad helps cut out the wings)
Messiness factor: low

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