05 January 2014

My birthday wish for Popette

To my Popette,

Today is your 5th birthday! The past five years have literally flown by. It doesn't seem that long ago when you were born as a tiny premmie at 29 weeks, and Daddy and I worried about when you would be coming home.

My first ever photo of Popette
While I should be excited that you're at the next chapter of your young life, I can't help but feel a little upset that you, my sweet little girl, will be starting big school this year. It makes me sad that you'll no longer going to be at home with me and Cherub. We are going to miss you terribly.

Popette & I (taken last November)
I'm trying to be positive when talking to you about starting school, but I'm finding it hard not to tell you how much I will miss you. You reply "Its OK Mummy you can play with Cherub" or "When I get home we can do craft". When did my big girl grow up?

Popette wearing her school hat at Kindy orientation
You are such a happy, fun, sweet, cheeky little girl. We've had our share of tantrums of course, resulting in lots of yelling (mainly from me) making me feel like the worst Mumma ever. At times I didn't control my temper or be the bigger person and walk away. So now I worry that you will only remember the bad times and not all of the good times we've spent together.

My little princess
I wish I could take back the times I raised my voice or snapped at you. You really are a good girl who I am very proud of. I wish you were still that little girl asking me to make "something special" or us spending days together playing at the park or exploring with Cherub.

My birthday wish for you is that you enjoy the next stage of your little life, to have fun at big school and making new friends, to be happy, don't grow up too fast and stay my little girl for a little bit longer!

As you will always be my sweet little Popette.

Happy Birthday Popette!
Lots of love Mumma, xxx

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