28 March 2014

Being grateful -

For happy girls, beautiful weather, loving hubby and a long weekend away

Source: Paying it forward - One day at a time

As its been a while since I've published a grateful post I've decided to write one big one this week, so here goes!

I'm grateful:

  • that Popette is enjoying "big school" and not getting upset when we drop her off.
  • to be enjoying quality time with Cherub and watching her develop.
  • for the beautiful Autumn weather we've been having.
  • for my gorgeous hubby who was so thoughtful in taking the girls to the park so I could enjoy the Cake show last weekend.
  • for our little trip to Brisbane this weekend to catch-up with family :)

What are you grateful for?

24 March 2014

So proud

Its been a while since I've written about my girls, so thought I'd update you on how they are going.

I know I've said it before, but I am so proud of my girls. I'm sure my Facebook friends are getting sick of my status updates lately, all I seem to talk about is how proud I am of Popette! 

Popette had a great start to school last week where she received a special prize for receiving 5 Kindy Awards (for Being Respectful), a special certificate for "Great Reading" from the School Principal then another Kindy Award later in the week. I'm so proud of how she is doing at school, she really is blossoming! 

For someone who struggled with separation anxiety at daycare, and me being worried about whether she'd be ready for big school, I am so grateful that she is happy.

Popette is picking up her sight words in her home reader, and told me excitedly this morning "Mummy, this book is awesome it has some of my sight words in it!" about one of the books she borrowed from the library.

I'm amazed at how quickly her reading has improved over the last couple of weeks. She loves learning her sounds and sight words, and adores her teacher.

Over the weekend, Popette received her last sticker at swimming lessons and moved up a class. She has been trying so hard over the past month in gaining her last sticker, so was very excited when she told me when she got home "Congratulations Mummy, I got my last sticker today" (she gets mixed up at times, its so cute!)

For a little celebration we took her and Cherub to McDonalds for lunch.

Cherub is slowly getting used to our new routine of taking Popette to school. She loves riding her bike down to the school when its a nice day, and pointing out the different coloured flowers or anything that's yellow - her favourite colour.

She also loves coming along to the school on a Thursday where I help out with the reading group in Popette's class. So far she hasn't been too distracting for the kids, and is happy to look at her books or play puzzles on the floor.

Cherub is continuing to have fun at music class although she won't sing in front of everyone in the class, but when she is at home she sings the songs she has learnt, mostly at the dinner table!

Cherub seems to talk more now that Popette is at school (probably because she can get a word in!), and has become a real little chatterbox picking up more and more words. It makes me proud when I see her string more and more words together, and her tell me clearly what she wants. On Friday she asked me to make her a castle out of cardboard for her! Before I know it we will be making craft together!

I'm still a little lost without my Popette at home with me, but I am cherishing the time I spend with Cherub. There are days when I get caught up with the cleaning & housework, instead of sitting with Cherub who wants me to read her another story. I find that I need to stop and remember to be in the moment with her, before she too grows up and heads of to school.

14 March 2014

Craft: Scratch art

For Christmas the girls received some lovely oil pastels from their big cousin. The colours are lovely & bright and waxy which make them perfect for creating scratch art.

I love playing around with art materials (if you haven't noticed) so couldn't resist making myself a scratch art picture.

I'm sure this will be something Popette will love to do. We haven't made much craft together lately, since she's started school work so it'll be fun for her to do in her spare time.

All you need is:

Art Paper
Oil pastels
Something to scratch an image onto your paper

To make:

First cover the entire page with a selection of bright & vibrant oil pastels. I find the waxier the pastel, the better the end result.

Using the black oil pastel then colour over the top of the colours so the entire page is black...don't worry it'll be worth it in the end.

You are then ready to start scratching! You can use anything from a toothpick, paper clip, or coin, to scratch an image or "draw" a picture onto your piece of paper. I used a handle of a bulldog clip and my nail!

You should then see the beautiful colours appear through the black forming your picture :)

Did you make scratch art when you were a child?

06 March 2014

Craft: Potato printing

I am linking up to a post I shared last year on potato printing. This was a great activity to make with the kids when I had a green potato that I didn't want to cook. We have one sitting on the microwave so I think we might be doing some printing this afternoon :) 

I remember when I was little my Mum would cut up a couple potatoes into "stamps", then set me up with some butcher's paper and paint so I could print potato shapes - it was one of my favourite craft activities growing up!

So on Friday I thought I'd try it out with Popette. Believe it or not, she loved it too!

Popette painting her Easter bunny (courtesy of Mummy)

All you need is:

Butcher's paper or art paper
Paint brush

It's another easy activity (if you haven't noticed by now, I like it easy), and it doesn't require a lot of skill, you just need to be able to cut a potato into a shape - I made a mushroom, and Easter egg design.

My potato "stamp" of an Easter egg design

Popette enjoyed painting the potatoes with different colours and stamping them on to the paper.

Popette stamping a shape

Our finished prints drying on the line.

If you are looking for other fun, craft activities, be sure to check out the "Kids craft" page.