14 March 2014

Craft: Scratch art

For Christmas the girls received some lovely oil pastels from their big cousin. The colours are lovely & bright and waxy which make them perfect for creating scratch art.

I love playing around with art materials (if you haven't noticed) so couldn't resist making myself a scratch art picture.

I'm sure this will be something Popette will love to do. We haven't made much craft together lately, since she's started school work so it'll be fun for her to do in her spare time.

All you need is:

Art Paper
Oil pastels
Something to scratch an image onto your paper

To make:

First cover the entire page with a selection of bright & vibrant oil pastels. I find the waxier the pastel, the better the end result.

Using the black oil pastel then colour over the top of the colours so the entire page is black...don't worry it'll be worth it in the end.

You are then ready to start scratching! You can use anything from a toothpick, paper clip, or coin, to scratch an image or "draw" a picture onto your piece of paper. I used a handle of a bulldog clip and my nail!

You should then see the beautiful colours appear through the black forming your picture :)

Did you make scratch art when you were a child?

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