07 April 2014

A letter to Cherub - 2.5 years old

Dear Cherub,

I can't believe how quickly time has flown from you turning 2 to now 2.5.

You are such a sweet and generally happy little girl, and at times very cheeky. You've only just started to be more demanding (I blame it on your big sister!) wanting things you can't have (you really can't eat jelly for breakfast) or demanding to stay up when I can see that you are tired and need to go down for a nap.

You still have a nap during the day, but not every day. You are usually so eager to go to bed with your Minnie Mouse and snuggle under your favourite doona, but lately its become a bit of a crying match. You eventually settle down and have a nice sleep, only to wake up and find its time to pick-up your sister from school.

You are crazy about Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is one of your favourite shows, whenever we go to the shops and see something in polka dots, you will point and say "Mumma look Minnie", even if it's a polka dots on a basket.

Cherub at 2.5

Your days at home are fun. You love for me to sit and build blocks, do puzzles (usually 2 or more at the one time!), read books or play duplo with you. Another favourite activity lately is painting, you love to put on your painting smock and sit in your booster seat at the big table and paint a picture. You also love to go for a swing and play at the park.

You are good at playing on your own, and I often see you play with your babies, or the dolls house which you love. Although you do prefer it when we sit and play together. You have just started to play with the kids at playgroup more, and coming out of your shell. Its so nice to see you venture on your own and join in with the other kids.

Some of your favourite things at the moment is:
- dinosaurs (you love Dinosaurs a real lot, we are sure if being an engineer isn't becoming to you, then you will be a paleontologist!)
- eggs (you love to see them, but not really eat them, unless they are Easter eggs)
- tunnels (you love them so much, Dadda & I think you are going to be an engineer!)
- the colour yellow - anything that is yellow.
- the movie 'Wall-E' - you always want "wally on".

You love to cuddle, and give sloppy kisses. You have such an infectious laugh and love being tickled which you think is so much fun.

You enjoy riding your bike to the school to either drop off or pick up Popette from "big school", and eagerly yell out "Ee-a's school". You still can't pronounce certain names like yours or your sister's, and refer to call yourself as Bubba or Boo. The nicknames we have called you since you were little (oops, maybe we should have called you by your real name a little more). Although you seem to be talking a whole lot more now that you big sister is at school, and can be a real little chatterbox asking me things all day.

Spending my days at home with you is a joy. I am soaking up this time with you, as you are our last bubba. I wish you would stop growing and stay as your sweet little self for just a bit longer. Thankfully you haven't been having a too bad a time during your "terrible 2's" (I hope I haven't jinxed myself!) and happy at the moment to do what I suggest.

Love you lots & lots, Mumma xx


  1. We are in sync Julie! Gorgeous pic of your little one!! Dinosaurs and puzzles are big hits here right now too xx

  2. She is a cutie. I am really enjoying my 2 year olds company now her sister is at kindy, she is a real cuddler too xx


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