11 April 2014

Being grateful: Family holiday by the beach

Only one more day of Term 1 then school goes on holidays for 2 weeks! I am so looking forward to our family taking a well earned break during the 1st week of school holidays, and getting away to the beach.

I'm hoping the weather will clear up for us, as the girls are so excited about going to the beach and building sandcastles, and if the water is warm enough maybe a swim. More than anything I'm looking forward to time together as a family, and to be near the water which I find relaxing and soothing.

After being sick for the past few months, I am grateful to get away from the house and to enjoy a holiday by the water with my little family.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Love how April weather can still be warm enough to head down to the beach. Have a great time!
    So grateful that Easter's just around the corner.

  2. Air, sea water and sun is the perfect cure. Enjoy x


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