30 May 2014

Being grateful for feeling better and our home disco

I've had a sick household this week. Poor Popette came down with an ear and throat infection last Thursday, so had last Friday and Monday spent at home, now all of us have a soar throat and horrible dry cough that seems to been going around. Within a week we've had three visits to the doctors, and numerous visits to the chemist (I feel as though I need to purchase shares in the chemist). Now we're all on antibiotics, but thankfully starting to feel a little better which I am grateful for.

Popette has a birthday party on this weekend, so I'm hoping she won't miss out on going. She missed her 1st school disco last night. After many tears we suggested we have a disco in the coziness of our own home.

Popette in the spotlight
Our disco had probe lighting (courtesy of Daddy on the torch), glow sticks, chippy's, and a 'Disney inspired' play list created by Mummy (thank goodness for YouTube) While she didn't have her friends with her, she still had a good time dancing with Cherub and singing songs. I'm so grateful for my fast thinking and the little disco which made Popette happy and not miss her school disco quite as much.

Love this one of Cherub performing!
What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Love the disco at home. Our school's disco was last night. Oldest daughters BFF decided not to go for some reason and in the end my daughter chose to go out to dinner with BFF family instead of disco. 9yo went and had a blast. Have a great weekend and feel better lovely

  2. Hope all is better at your place! So grateful for time together with my little family - hubby on holidays and we've been making the most of it! Xx

    1. Thanks Elisa, we are getting there slowly. I'm hoping we'll be better by the weekend.

      Sounds lovely, hope you are having a lovely holiday. xx


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