19 July 2014

A busy week

Ahh its nice to finally sit down and enjoy a little break before dinner.

Tonight we are having a 'pizza party', meaning sitting down to Hubby's homemade pizza's
watching a family movie. Tonight's movie - 'Frozen', again! Then once the kids go to
bed, Hubby and I are cracking open the red wine and chocolate and watching 'The Book

Its been such a busy week, I haven't had a chance to write a post about our holidays or spend much time doing things for myself. So its nice to take this moment to sip on my wine and catch up on bloggy stuff.

The holidays were lovely. It was nice being home and watch Popette and Cherub play together. Hubby took a much needed break from work, which meant we had plenty of "family time", which is always wonderful.

If you hadn't read on my FB page, my Mum had undergone an operation on Monday for a
pacemaker. After a couple months of feeling unwell, experiencing high blood pressure and
heart palpitations, she was told by her doctor (much to her dislike) that she would need a pacemaker. So I have been taking her to the hospital, spent a night with her at her place to make sure she was ok. (My first night away from the kids & hubby, so wish it was in a 5 star resort!) and dropped off meals and checked up on her.

I am so grateful having Hubby at home and helping out with the girls, while I was busy
doing things for Mum. I don't know how I would have coped getting Popette to and from
school as well as being there for Mum.

Anyway I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

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