12 August 2014

I won't get this time again

Before I had Popette my Hubby & I made the decision that I would give up my well paid job in web development to become a stay-at-home parent. We didn't have family that were in a position to look after Popette, nor was I willing to place Popette into full-time care while I went back to working a 40 hour week.

When Popette was born 11 weeks early, I knew then that I wanted to be there for her and make sure she was hitting her milestones and growing up to be a normal little girl.

I didn't want to be spending my days working in a job that I didn't enjoy, or to come home feeling stressed and tired, and not be able to give my daughter the attention she deserved.

I wanted to be there for the milestones, watch my little ones play, help them become confident, strong, happy kids and enjoy every moment with them while they are little.

As everyone says, this time goes by so quickly.

I know I won't get this time again.

Lately I've been contemplating returning to work on a part-time basis, I'm still unsure what I want to do, but I know returning to work will mean that I am taken away from Cherub and I miss things like:

* Her little voice asking me "Mumma, come sit and play" or "Mumma painting!". 

Painting a picture! (Not quite)

* Have Cherub drag me away from the computer saying "Mummy pleasssee" and making me sit on the floor and play blocks or read a story.

* Hear an excited little voice say "bubbles" when I fill up the kitchen sink to do the dishes. She sees bubbles and wants to play, whereas I see dishes that need to be done.

Blowing bubbles

* Those moments watching her with her dollhouse, or serve cups of tea to her dinosaurs and teddies.

* Receiving random cuddles and kisses.


* Taking her down the road in her pram, and see her little hand creep out from the top.

* Watch Cherub get all excited when we pick Popette up from school, or see Daddy arriving home from work.

* Hear Cherub say "Hello" to things like the Moon, Sun, or to our dog. She is such a friendly little girl.

* Taking Cherub for a ride on her bike in the sunshine

Riding her trike

* Hearing my eldest sing Frozen songs (over and over again), while it drives me crazy, I love hearing her sing.

* Watching my littlest climb up the ladder of the slippery dip all by herself, and excitedly slide down to the bottom.

* Help out in Popette's class with the reading groups on a Thursday morning. I enjoy spending this time with Popette and seeing her participate in class.

* Take the girls to music class and watch them sing (or not) and play instruments

* Take the girls to the park and push them on the swing.

Swinging high

While there are days when I feel frustrated and be in need of a little break from both my girls, most days I am grateful to be their Mummy and to share this time with them.


  1. Enjoy it. Love the photos hon. And when you are ready to do something else know that you will still have those things (so,e slightly different but most just as you described) xxxx

  2. The work/home balance is tricky. I work from home and even then I'm torn! This year i took on a little more work and my girls have gone to childcare one day a week together. I was so anxious at first but they love it and are so happy to go there. I think it would be a different story if they didn't enjoy it though. Not sure that helps! But I hear you on how hard a decision it is xx

  3. Beautiful. I'm glad you've documented all of this so you can look back with fond memories :) x

    1. Thanks Grace, me too! I can't seem to rely on my brain anymore, it hasn't been the same since having my two girls ;)

  4. Oh I hear you! I am so lucky to be able to work from home and feel like I can get the best of both worlds (well I'm still trying to figure out the balance, but it working ok). I simply can't imagine returning to work full time with my son in full time care, I would miss so much!

    1. Sounds ideal Eva, I'm sure you'll eventually sort out a balance that works for you :)

  5. oh yes, yes this time is so short, it;s a blink of an eye. I miss those days when my little people thought I was their moon and their stars. Such precious times. Enjoy x

  6. Now I wish I'd recorded more of what my kids were saying and doing when they were so little... but then, I'm not so nostalgic and I know that I get to enjoy them every day as they grow too. Every day they get more and more wonderful. So don't fret about the part time work. You might miss a couple of moments, but you'll still be around for the good stuff. x

    1. My brain seems to be on a permanent vacation since having kids Bron, which is why I like to record these moments on the blog. I love this age (5 1/2 & nearly 3) its so sweet and innocent, and I just want to hold onto it for as long as possible. x

  7. Hold on. I've gone back to work a few days a week and it's tearing my heart out not to be with them. This time is way too short. Make every moment count x

  8. Gorgeous photos Julie and you will still have those things if you do decide to go back to work, and I can tell you from experience you will appreciate them that much more hun xx

  9. My youngest goes to preschool next year and I'll go back to work then. I've had eleven years (mostly) at home and it's been a amazing. Whilst I'm ready for a change, I wouldn't change it for anything.

    1. Thanks Jess, I wouldn't change the time I've had with my girls either :)


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