23 September 2014

A letter to Cherub who is turning 3

To my little Cherub,

Today you are turning 3! It only feels like you turned 2 last week, let alone last year.

We keep asking you, "How old are you turning?". Sometimes you get it right and say 3. Yesterday you told the Doctor you are turning 6, then changed your mind and said 4!

You were such a sweet bubba, apart from having terrible reflux you slept fairly well and was a happy, content little baby. After all we went through with your big sis, we feel so lucky to have had it so good with you. Even now, you hardly ever seem to have a bad day (I know I shouldn't jinx myself!) and always wake up happy and full of smiles.

You are becoming more and more independent. You will run away with your little friends and play, and not worry so much if you don't see me. If I walk away, you will check that I'm still there and go back to playing with your friends.

You are such a giggle girt, and are always laughing at your sister or something else.

You are such a sweet girl, and always up for a cuddle. While you have been a little slow with your talking, you are now a little chatterbox and talk non-stop.

To celebrate your birthday Daddy is taking the day off work, and taking us all to the Zoo, hooray!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

All my love,
Mumma xxoo

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