17 October 2014

Being grateful: For my Hubby

This week I am grateful for my Hubby. He is my biggest cheerleader. He is the one person who will stand up for me, and be in my corner when the going gets tough.

He is the reasoning voice in my head, and the smile on my lips. He is the person who reminds me not to think the worst of people (which I am sometimes guilty of doing).

We have been together for 23 years (18 years married this Nov) so knows me very well. He can tell if I'm stressing (I am such a stress-head), and knows when I'm over analyzing something that has happened, or worried about something we have planned. I told you I'm a stress-head.

A couple nights ago we talked about me returning to work. After 6 years of being a full-time stay-at-home Mum I didn't think my heart was in the type of career I used to have.

I told him of my career dream and how I wanted a job that makes me happy. How I want something that fuels my creative mind, and flexible so I can still be there for the girls. I had created two mindmaps, one with the type of things I love to do and the other listing what sort of job I wanted.

He listened to me and gave me ideas of what I could do and how to make my little idea work. He didn't say I was silly thinking of doing something different, he let me believe that I could do it.

I'm very lucky to have my Hubby. I know somedays I can take him for granted, or I don't thank him enough for what he does for all of us.

One thing's for sure though, and that is I am so very grateful to have him as my Husband, as our children's father and for him to be in my life.

Is there someone in your life who you are grateful for?

What have they done to make you feel grateful?


  1. You have a definite keeps there hun. Every day I am incredibly grateful for my hubby and the fact he chose me. We are a couple of very lucky gals lovely xx

  2. Hubbies are good like that, looking out for us and backing us when needed.
    I am so grateful for my health, that is when I am healthy - at the moment I need to get my body back to healthy eating :)

    1. I know what you mean Lisa, I haven't been eating healthy either I so need to get back to it. :)


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