13 November 2014

Making time count

I've been a little quiet on the craft front this year. Popette was my crafty little sidekick (get it) and loved getting her elbows deep into the gloopy glue, pom poms and pipe cleaners. She loved it when I came up with something fun to make, and couldn't wait for her little sister to have a nap so we could make "something special" together. Those days are unfortunately, not behind us, because I know she'll want to make something in a heartbeat if I ask her, just not as frequent as they once were.

Popette making the masking tape mummy

Now that she's at school the only time we have left for making craft is after school or on the weekends. Most afternoons are busy with keyboard practice, keyboard lessons, reading home readers and sight words, doing the grocery shopping, or taking the girls on a play date or to the park. I'm so tired by the end of the day, so don't really feel like pulling out all the craft stuff. That time together is something I miss with my big girl.

Cherub is slowly showing more interest in craft, but prefers painting or drawing. My 3 year old seems to have the attention span of a 2 year old at the moment and only lasts 2 to 3 minutes at any one thing. Today she went from wanting to do drawing, to blowing bubbles, playing in the sandpit to playing dress-ups and dancing within 5 minutes (ok it was probably longer), some days I can't keep up with her or the housework.

Popette used to be much better at sitting down and entertaining herself for longer periods then Cherub. I used to not feel so guilty if I had to spend an hour or so getting some cleaning done as she was happily playing. With Cherub on the hand, it's totally different. I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning and tidying the house these days. There's the odd day, when I think stuff it and couldn't be bothered doing any cleaning, but then I end up with a bigger mess that takes twice as long to clean up the next day. So I feel guilty again for not spending enough time with her.

Cherub painting her dinosaur mask

I miss that time when I would just sit and play with her, or we'd paint or create something together, and I didn't worry as much about the housework.

I remember writing once "I'd rather spend time with my daughter playing or watching her play, then stress about the cleaning", but two mess-making daughters later my opinion has changed ever so slowly.

I guess I need to make time for what's important. While having food in the fridge, clean clothes, and a clean-ish house is important, being in the moment with my two girls is also something that's important to me.

Having fun creating with me is something I want my girls to remember when they are older, and not of a Mum who was too busy tidying the house and couldn't make time for them.

What do you need make more time for?

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