03 November 2014

Spending time with my favourite people

It always makes me happy when I spend time with my favourite people. Like yesterday, in the morning we went to a birthday party for one of Popette's friends. It was held at a miniature train yard in the lower mountains. The girls had lots of fun riding trains, playing with friends and stuffing away the food.

Popette was quite proud of her attempt at stuffing eating 6 small-ish meringues, as well as a cupcake, watermelon, chips, mini quiches in the two and a bit hours we were there. I had visions of her throwing it up on some poor person on the train, or worse in our car. Thankfully it stayed down! She even managed to eat lunch and an ice block and chocolate later on....I know, what were we thinking giving her more sugar!

In the afternoon Hubby and I took the girls for a drive up to Katoomba. We visited a hardware store (our favourite type of store), then drove up to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters (which thankfully are still standing!). While taking in the gorgeous view we ate our ice creams, and explained to Popette what the Three Sisters are and spotted the walkers on the little bridge.

Ice cream, ice cream we will all scream for ice cream!

I love the mountains. Its so beautiful don't you think?

How do you spend time with your favourite people?


  1. The Blue mountains ar just gorgeous! I havent been there in ages. For me, my fave way to spend time with my fave peep would have to be at the beach or in the pool :) xx

  2. How great is family time! It just fills you up. We've made an effort to go on regular picnics - three this month - as our girls love them and it's so wonderful to just be together. Your day sounded beautiful Julie xx

  3. Oh, we haven't made a trip to the Blue Mountains in ages. Still haven't taken the boys there! Love the village feeling you get in Katoomba too :)


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