03 December 2014

Christmas craft & recipe link-up

Over the past couple of years the girls and I have made quite a few little Christmassy craft projects. This year I have been a bit slack, and haven't prepared many crafts for them leading up to Christmas, so off to Pinterest I go in search of some inspiration!

I don't have any new Christmas craft too share at the moment, so thought I'd link up to ones that we have created in the past as well as some of my yummy recipes that are always nice to create for loved ones at Christmas. 

I hope you enjoy them :)


My girls love to help make the gingerbread men


My yummy shortbread

***Christmas craft***



Toilet roll reindeers

Folded paper Christmas tree

Recycled Christmas card tree

P.S. If you are a bit late in getting together an Advent Calendar. Check out this cute cotton wool ball Santa we found on Pinterest, which Popette did a couple years ago. All you need is a printer, glue and some cotton wool balls! :)

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  1. Ha! Toilet roll reindeers! Love it! I have so many rolls that I've saved up! I think we'll be making a few of these :)


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