10 December 2014

My guiding words wrap-up for 2014

This year has gone by so fast. At the beginning of the year I picked not 1, but 3 guiding words, Positive, Savour and Reclaim. 3 words...what was I thinking!?! Probably not the best idea I've ever had, but I gave it a shot! 

My guiding words for 2014

Positive - As a worrier and a complete stress-head, I find being positive can be difficult at times. This is a work in progress for me, but the good thing is that I am noticing when I'm feeling negative and change my mood. I also try to remember (even if I don't always post about them here) things that I am grateful for.

Popette playing keyboard at her first ever performance

Savour - I have been savouring time spent with my family this year. With Popette starting Kindy, I was also very fortunate to attend many of the school events and help out in her class with reading groups. Watching Popette play keyboard at her first concert performance was a highlight for Hubby and I. Popette has only been learning since Term 4 and played wonderfully. Moments like these have been a joy, and something I will always savour.  

A photo of my gorgeous family taken on our 18th wedding anniversary day out

Reclaim - I spent a little time on reclaiming my art & drawing this year, as well as got the sewing machine out and made a dress for Popette. I hadn't sewn anything in such a long time, so I felt rather proud of myself in completing Popette's Queen Elsa (Frozen inspired) dress. While its not the same as ones you buy in the shops, I like to think of it as a "Special Edition" as it's the only one of its kind.

Popette in her Queen Elsa dress

I failed with decluttering the house and getting fit & healthy. I really need to make a go of the gym next year. I started off well, but then we had months of sickness, old injuries flaring up, and Hubby coming home late from work which gave me an excuse not to go! 

Hopefully I can sort through more of the clutter over the holidays. I have made a few donations of kids clothes, toys, and baby stuff to the local Op shop, but still have to empty out the buffet and pack some things we no longer use or need and drop them off to the Salvos or Vinnies.

Next year

I have Cherub starting preschool 2 days per week next month. I’m still unclear on what I want to do work-wise, and when I will return to work. I'd so love to find a job in a creative area, or something that I can do from home.

I still haven't decided on my guiding word for next year....so stay tuned. 

If you had a guiding word, did you get what you wanted out of it?


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