23 March 2015

Craft: Paper plate birds

Last week I had to come up with a craft activity for Cherub's little friends at playgroup. With my thinking cap not quite working at the moment, I found some fun and easy craft activities on Pinterest which you can see here.

The birds looked fantastic once everybody finished them, and were super easy to make. Cherub loved sticking on the feathers the best!

Cherub's creation

Cherub enjoying craft time at playgroup

All you need is:
Paper plates
Feathers, stickers, Coloured paper for cutting into strips & beaks
Googly eyes

Its really easy to make these cute little guys! Firstly, fold a paper plate in half, then pick out some feathers and glue them on. For the tail you can either use feathers or cut some strips of coloured paper, like we did, and attach them to one end of the plate. Then on the other end glue on the eyes and add a beak made out of coloured paper.

There you have it!

If you stand the bird up he will rock for you too!!

Suitable age group: 2+ yrs
Estimated setup time: 5 mins
Messiness factor: low

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  1. They are so cute Julie. I think some yellow chick ones would be awesome for my little guy to make for easter xx


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