03 April 2015

Happy Easter!!

We are going on holidays next week for 7 whole days! I can't wait!!! I'm so looking forward in getting away from the house and housework, the daily routine of making lunches, getting girls ready for "school", errands, appointments and extracurricular activities that makes it a busy week.

While I love my Mum, it will also be nice to have a little break from her. Its hard being the only one to support her, and while there are days when I will happily help her with her shopping or doing things around her unit, its also very exhausting. 

I do hope we get some hot enough days so we can get down to the beach for some fun! The girls are super egg-cited(!) about going away and can't wait to get in the sand and build sandcastles. 

Most of all I am looking forward to some downtime where I can just relax, enjoy watching my girls have fun, and being with my family.

If you are on school holidays I hope you enjoy your break, and have a wonderful Easter!

I will be taking a break from blogging over school holidays, so I will see you back here in a few weeks!  



  1. Have a great break, Julie! Downtime is so very important!


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