30 April 2015

What's your coping tool?

Do you have a coping tool? I would say mine is wine, but as it's only 4pm its probably a little early to be pouring myself a glass of red, so instead I'm making myself a coffee. If you are on the other side of the world and its wine-o-clock, please have one for me!

I didn't want a little cough to lead into something worse, then the whole house come down with it.

I've had one of those days that only a Mother or Father can truly understand. What started out with Popette having a cough one night has then turned into her coughing most of last night. She then woke up coughing this morning, and had a low-grade temperature so I made an executive decision to keep her home and take her to the doctors.

There is a terrible bout of whooping cough going around, although the girls are immunized against it, the idea of them getting it scares me. I had been sick over the school holidays and still trying to shake a cough which I've had for a couple weeks. The doctor I saw insisted that I had whooping cough. My husband and I are thinking she's diagnosing everyone with a cough as having it. As I was sure it was just allergies which caused my nose to run down the back of my throat, giving me a horrid chest infection. Anyway I took the antibiotics, just in case and went for a blood test.

So here we are waiting to see if I have whooping cough. The doctor has told me that she'll call me if its positive, but I still haven't heard, and now stressing that I might have it and given it to the girls. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed I don't and that I haven't passed it on to my girls or anybody else for that matter.

Now back to today's antics...while we waited for the doctor I noticed Cherub had a red rash covering one side of her face and inside of her left ear. I thought it might have been from her rubbing against something or because she was a little hot. It didn't go down, so I had him look at Cherub too..now she is on antibiotics for a suspected skin infection! Popette is thought to have a minor throat infection causing her to cough, but is also being checked for whooping cough, which means she's off school for another day (grrrr!) while we wait and here the results of her swab test!

Blimey, I could really do with a glass of wine...and the funny thing is that by the time I hit publish on this post it will probably be wine-o-clock here...I think I better get Hubby to grab a bottle with the chinese food we are having for dinner!

So how's your day going?


  1. mmm... coffee. It is the giver of so much goodness in my life. Fingers crossed for the whooping cough results x

    1. Yes I agree Bele! I think I'm up to my 3rd today :) I love a good coffee, its my weakness when we go out. We are all clear on the whooping cough, so I'm very happy. x

  2. Whopping cough really freaks me out! I hope that you and your family are clear of it and you all recover quickly

    1. Hi Shari, Yes we got the all clear on Friday, so we are very happy :)

  3. Oh hun fingers crossed that it isnt Whooping cough. As for me.. my choice of coping cordial depends on the time of the day... coffee or vodka... you can figure out the timing lol xx

  4. Oh dear! It's that time of year of sicknesses! I hope your little ones gets better soon!
    Coffee and wine are definitely my coping tools!


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