29 May 2015

Craft: Celery flower stamping

Last week when I was cutting up the celery I noticed how the base of the bunch of celery looked like a flower, I don't know why I never noticed it before! So I thought I'd keep it for Cherub to do a little stamping and create some pretty flowers.

All you need is:
base end of a bunch of celery
art paper
watercolour paints

Cherub loved applying the paint to the bottom of the celery then stamping it all over the paper

Cherub loved her black version the best!

I think they all look great, but my favourite would have to be this colourful version - it reminds me of those multi-coloured roses you can buy at the florist.

Tip: You could stamp the celery onto butcher's paper and make some beautiful wrapping paper.

Suitable age group: 2+ yrs
Estimated setup time: 5 mins
Messiness factor: low


  1. What a gorgeous idea - I would never have thought to use celery you clever gal you xx

  2. So pretty! A really good use for the ends of the celery that nobody ever wants to eat too. x


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