19 May 2015

From little things big things grow

Sadly our baby days are well and truly over. A few weeks ago Cherub moved into her 'big girls bed' so since she no longer needs things like her cot, pram, trike, change table or port-a-cot I am now taking photos and either selling them online, or seeing which of my friends would like them.

I got a little misty-eyed last Friday as I donated some of their cot sheets and baby wraps along with some Size 2 girls clothes to our local Op shop. Hubby and I knew after we had Cherub that two children was enough, but there's always that yearning for more especially when you see friends with newborns.

Our recent beach holiday
My sweet little Cherub has gone from our preschooler to my 'big little girl' as I like to call her. She can do so many things for herself now and will proudly say to me "Mumma I'm a big girl". My reply is "Yes darlin' you're my big little girl".

She is such a funny little thing I often say to her "Hello monkey" and then get told quite seriously "I'm not a monkey, I'm 'name'". 

Cherub loves to ride her bike especially when we are taking Popette to school. The bike has taken over from the pram which is now too small for her. Over the past few weeks she's moved from her cot to her 'big girls bed', as well as being fully toilet-trained which took a while. She's very excited to wear her big girls undies and be out of nappies (hooray!!!)

Cherub in her 'big girls bed'
Over the past 18 months Cherub has been seeing various specialists for her speech and gross motor issues. It feels like we are always travelling to see someone. A couple weeks ago we saw a neurosurgeon as Cherub's pediatrician was worried with her slow progress. In a few months time she needs to get an MRI which I'm not too thrilled about. I'm hoping she's just a little slower than most 3 year olds and will get there in her own time.

Since starting preschool I can see how much she has already improved in climbing things like obstacles and listening to her speak. Its exciting to see her be able to do something for herself, and hear her excited little voice say "Mumma I did it, I did it!" All the exercises and homework we were given seems to be finally paying off!

Popette has really grown up over the past six months. She's my big 6 year old. She is into everything at the moment. She still loves drawing, painting and craft, but has now added writing books and music to her list.

She told me yesterday that when she grows up, she wants to "learn how to cook everything" (adding to an already long list of professions including teacher, ice cream shop owner, magician, vet, and zoo keeper!)

She loves helping out in the kitchen. On the weekend she helped my husband make Tomato soup from scratch, which was delicious.

At the beginning of the year, Popette started ballet lessons. Lately I've been worried that keyboard lessons, ballet and the swimming lessons on the weekend might be too much for her. Of course she insists its not and loves it. Her long legs and petite body certainly suit ballet.

My little ballerina looking gorgeous in her costume!
Popette's so tall (up to my armpits!) for a 6 year old. I'm 5"4 so she is one of the tallest in her class. I really miss that sweet toddler/preschooler who used to say to me "Mumma can we make something special?" and who would sit with me at the table making craft. While we still love to create or paint together, sadly its not that often.

Words really can't explain how very proud I am of our girls.


  1. What a beautiful post hun - your girls truly are gorgeous and I hope with all my heart that the MRI shows up nothing more than a little girl who does things when she is good and ready. xx

    1. Thanks Son. I'm keeping my fingers crossed its nothing and just Cherub taking her sweet time in hitting all those milestones. xx

  2. Isn't it bittersweet when we sit back and realise how much they've grown up? Your girls are so precious, Julie x

    1. Aww thanks Grace. Yeah I know what you mean, I love the age they are now, but I would so love them to be 3 and 4 months again too!!! At least there's one good thing that's come out of it...no more nappies, yippee!!! xx


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