02 June 2015

Trusting yourself

I remember the time my husband and I went hiking in Tasmania. We were walking along Marion's Lookout, which is one of the tougher routes to the top of Cradle Mountain. I wasn't a very fit person, or an experienced hiker so I was a little worried whether I could push myself along the medium to hard hike. What also didn't help me was my fear of heights. 

There was a moment I started to stress about how I would get myself down. On the way up I read a plaque where a woman had fallen to her death, so it freaked me out and I started to doubt my ability. I remember saying to my husband that I hoped a helicopter could land on top of the mountain, because that's the only way I would be getting down from here. 

Marion's lookout - me pointing at the cliff I had to climb!
We were at a point of the hike where we needed to climb a sheer cliff using a chain fence. It was at that moment my fear of heights really set in and I was so afraid to move my feet. I really didn't think I'd be able to manage the rest of the hike. Thankfully my Hubby came to my rescue, and went all Drill Sergeant ordering me to 'Get your ass up there woman!' and telling me that he knew I could do it.

It was at that moment I knew I had to trust myself and climb the cliff.

Amazingly I did it. 

I climbed the freaking cliff and found myself at the top of Cradle Mountain looking over Dove Lake and the beautiful surrounds.

We were so fortunate to have a clear, crisp winter's day with the most spectacular of views. This was 11 years ago, so before we had a mobile with a camera!

The spectacular view of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
On the top of the mountain I felt exhilarated and proud of myself for reaching the top. I felt as though I could do anything! After feeding myself so much doubt, I did it!

I did it! I climbed the freaking cliff!
 When it was time to hike back down, I didn't stress that much as I felt confident. I trusted myself and my ability.  

Why am I sharing this story I hear you ask.

I guess I haven't been trusting myself enough lately, and needed to remember a time when I did. I have been second-guessing my decisions and not being honest with myself.

As a parent I need to trust myself more. I need to trust in what I believe is the right thing, and trust what my husband and I are doing as parents is right and not care what others say.

When was the last time you trusted your gut? Have you ever doubted yourself? Are you afraid of heights?


  1. I love this post Julie!! Trusting in ourselves is so important. I too have been reminded of this again recently with Ruby. You'd think I'd have it downpat a third time, but doubt still creeps in! I keep reminding myself love is enough - for our babies, our family and ourselves. Thanks for this post. Think i needed it xxxx

  2. We climbed that bit last year and I was scared as well at the chain link climb part. Yay for trusting yourself. Trust is my word this year and has been challenging me xxx

    1. Thanks Deb, sometimes we just need to trust our gut instead of overthinking everything which I am terrible at! :) xx

  3. Well done, what an incredible hike! And a great reminder to believe in yourself and the support of your partner. I hope you can find your inner strength and trust in yourself.

  4. I'm glad this memory has reminded you on how to trust yourself. I would love to hike Cradle Mountain. Such a beautiful part of the world.


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