15 September 2015

Playground antics and getting older

Is anyone looking forward to school holidays? I can't believe we are a few weeks away from the start of Term 4. Is it only me, but does it only feel like the year had just begun?

I will be happy to have a break from packing lunches and the school and preschool drop-off. Preschool has finished a day early for us, due to unforeseen circumstances at the centre so I've got Cherub at home today. 

I've had a stressful few weeks. Without going into too much detail, I've been having a couple of health issues. Over the past couple weeks I've been probed, scanned and tested. At the moment we are waiting on all my test results to come back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed its all good and just a sign of me getting older. Then later in October I'm booked in for a colonoscopy! I'm not at all looking forward to it. But my doctor assures me that I need to get it done as I'm over 40. The joys of turning older hey!

We've also had some issues with Popette in the playground. She had grown close with one particular girl all year, and had formed a lovely little relationship with her. The sort where they send each other letters stating "I love you so so so so much!". It was gorgeous. About a month ago Popette's other best friend, who she's known since forever, started at her school. This has been causing a little tension, and some "third-wheel" problems. I suggested to Popette that she plays with both girls, but it seems at one stage they played together and didn't include Popette, which has upsetted her. I think she feels as if she will lose both her "best" friends. 

Poor Popette hasn't reacted well and been saying not very nice things to her friends, and lashing out. I found out all of this through one of the little girl's mothers. Popette and I had a big talk about friendships, and how you should treat your friends. She seems to be a lot happier these past few days, so I am hoping she has patched things up with her friends. I hate seeing her so miserable.

What else has been happening? Well, my little blog turned 5 a couple weeks ago!! 5 years on, and I am still writing about my girls :)

Next week my hubby and I have to take Cherub for an MRI, following an appointment we had with a neurosurgeon at the beginning of the year about Cherub's poor balance, and coordination. He reassured me that its just to check her brain structure, and rule out anything. I am going to need a strong coffee that day!

Me and Cherub on Father's day

I can't believe this little one is nearly 4!

Cherub is also turning 4! I know I say it every year, but gee it comes by quickly. Lately I've been having a hard time watching my youngest grow up, I just want her to stay little forever. I sometimes ask Cherub "Can you stay little?", and she will say "OK mumma, I'll stay little" Nawww she's just so adorable. 

For Cherub's birthday we are planning a visit to the aquarium. Then after the holidays we'll be having a "Rainbow" party with some of her friends from preschool and playgroup. 

What have you got planned for the holidays? Have you had to give advice to your son or daughter about being a good friend? Have you had a colonoscopy?

I will be taking a little break over school holidays, and will be back here with news of Cherub's birthday party and news of our holidays in Term 4! Have a great break!

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01 September 2015

After the NICU

Popette was in hospital for a total of 50 days. We were thankful that apart from a little jaundice and being out in the big wide world too early, she didn't have anything wrong with her.

Popette sucking on her premmie sized dummy

Finally at home
We can still remember the nurses saying to us "She's a premmie growing up".

Our darling girl finally came home at 7 weeks of age (equiv. 36 weeks gestation) weighing 2.1kg. She was still so tiny, especially in the new car seat we only had fitted the day before. As she was so small my hubby had trouble strapping her into the car seat, and was scared that she'd fall out so I sat in the back with her holding her hand.

When we finally got her home we laid her in her new bassinette in her room, then after a while, moved her out to the lounge room so we could keep an eye on her and be close to her.

Even though Popette was out of hospital, we still encountered problems with her being born early. As she was so small I had difficulty latching her on to my breast. She also couldn't suck properly as she was tongue-tied. I persisted with the breastfeeding for months as I wanted to give her the nutrients she needed, but with flat nipples and a low milk supply (due to PCOS & trauma from the birth) it made it even more difficult. I expressed every 3 hours and took motilium to build up my milk supply but unfortunately the amount I was producing wasn't enough to keep up with her demands, so for a while we comp-fed then moved her to formula full-time.

She also had a habit of holding her breathe while sleeping, which scared the crap out of us. Thankfully that didn't last too long.

She is now my big girl who will be 7 in January. She is a sweet, funny and caring girl who loves writing stories, painting, riding her bike and playing with her little sister.

As a Mermaid for Book Week parade

This is my last post from my "Having a Premmie" series. Thank you to those of you who have come on this journey with me. I hope that anyone who has friends or relatives going through a similar situation will find my series useful.