29 October 2015

Kids craft: Ghostly plates

Last week Cherub and I created some fun ghosts out of paper plates. While we don't actually take the girls trick or treating (maybe that'll change when they're older) or celebrate Halloween, the girls still love to make craft for different holidays, and enjoy seeing kids dressed up in costumes.

All you need is:
Paper plates
White paper
Black marker, crayon, pencils, textas or paint

You could stick with a traditional ghost using a white paper plate, but as I only had some yellow chevron plates leftover from Cherub's rainbow birthday party, I used one of those instead. I think the chevron's add to his spooky effect!

Cherub and I shared our ghostly plate idea with the kids at playgroup, who of course loved it!

They were happy to draw spooky (or happy like Cherub's) faces on their plates, then stick on some arms and streamers to the plate.

Our last addition was a bit of ribbon at the top of the plate, so they can be hung up for Halloween!

The best thing about this craft is it was low mess, and didn't involve glue or paint. Which sometimes you need a break from.

Cherub's 'friendly' ghost

Suitable age group: 2+ yrs
Estimated setup time: 10 mins
Messiness factor: low

Do you celebrate Halloween? What's your favourite craft to make for Halloween?

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