11 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Its hard to believe Christmas is here again, it feels as though it wasn't that long ago when we were celebrating it.

Again we filled the pockets of the advent calendar with little slips of paper containing fun activities, special treats, Christmas craft and outings for the girls. Rather than buy them a chocolate advent calendar, creating our own list has meant the girls are excited to take turns and find out what is happening that day. Unfortunately "Mummy's choice" didn't go to plan earlier in the week! We were going to bake shortbread, but due to our Woollies groceries order being late, it has to be moved to another day!

So I hope today's pick, which is "Daddy's choice", will be a success! The girls quickly thought "Oh I hope it's not a trip to the liquorice shop!"even though they love Daddy's double-salted liquorice!

Decorating our tree
As a family we love to go and pick out a beautiful fresh Christmas tree for our home, sadly we didn't do that this year. The past couple of years the mould from the trees has been playing up with my sinuses and getting me sick, so rather than risk it again this year we purchased our first artificial tree - which looks pretty much like a real one! I'm very happy with the quality.

The girls enjoy going through the decoration box and picking out the decorations they want to put on the tree.

Adding their new decorations to the tree

Yesterday Cherub had her turn on the advent calendar, and got the slip "Buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree". So last night we headed down to Westfields in search of new additions for the Christmas tree. For Popette, she selected a lovely angel, and Cherub an elf holding a present with her name on it!

Do you have an advent calendar? Does your family have any Christmas traditions?

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  1. I swap between the 2 trees. Fo the past couple of years, artificial tree it is. Maybe next year we will try a real one again.


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