19 January 2016

My guiding word {CREATE}

For the past couple of years I have chosen a simple word (or words like in 2014) over a long list of resolutions I was sure I wasn't going to keep. When I choose a word I have a think about what I am wanting to achieve in the new year, and if it will help guide, and motivate me.

This year I have chosen the word CREATE. I wanted a word that allowed me to have a little fun, be a little bit more relaxed and free to make mistakes and not worry if something hasn't gone to plan.

As a creative person, I think it captures everything I am wanting to work on this year perfectly. 

create memories
create friendships 
create a fitness routine
create balance
create moments of gratitude
create experiences
create opportunities & possibilities
create joy, love & laughter
create works of art
create a new chapter

I created a vision board for the first time a couple weeks ago to help remind myself of what I want to achieve this year and to motivate and inspire me.

Do you have a guiding word or use a vision board? 


  1. Create is a great word for the year!
    I've never made a vision board, though I have friends who do them regulalry.

  2. The word that best sums up what I want from 2016 is balance. I really need to seek balance in a lot of areas of my life at the moment. I love your ideas for Create. #teamIBOT

    1. Thanks! Balance is a great word, I'm thinking that maybe I should have chosen that too as I so need to seek balance in my life too! I hope you go well with your word. :)


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