06 January 2016

Out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is treating you well.

We are on to week 3 of school holidays here in NSW. I am currently mulling over my guiding word for the year. This is something I usually have sorted by the beginning of the year, but for whatever reason (call it a sleep deprived brain from staying up late too many nights) I haven't decided on one (or it hasn't found me).

Yesterday, my big girl Popette turned 7! 7 I know!! I can't believe how quickly my little premmie is growing up....so much so that she got her ears pierced yesterday....eeek!

She received a brand new bike from us for her birthday, and can't wait to take it for a spin. The girls have been going a little stir crazy the past couple days with the ongoing rain and are dying to get outside. Cherub has inherited Popette's old bike, so is very excited to try it now that Daddy has put on some training wheels. Fingers crossed we get some sunshine over the next day or two!

Over the past week we've had some wonderful days celebrating our birthdays. I had an amazing birthday which ended in the City watching the 9pm fireworks with Hubby and the girls...but more on that in the coming posts!

Before we get moving in to 2016, I thought I'd give 2015 which wasn't so much of a terrible year, but more an exhausting, one last mention before we start a fresh!


We had a Frozen birthday party for Popette, and did some straw blow painting.


I had to let go of my little Cherub as she begun her preschool journey and Popette into Year 1, being grateful for home and time to be creative, and finding ways to help children be grateful.


 shared my 10 lessons for the first-time Mum, had a not so good Mummy moment, and made some cute paper plate bird and Easter craft


We celebrated Easter, said goodbye to our beautiful boy, and I drank lots of coffee!


I dreamt of taking the plunge, I spoke about how proud I am of my girls, Cherub's room got a revamp and we did some Celery flower stamping.


The moment when I trusted myself and my gut, baked a lovely Orange cake, and suffered the school holidays lurgy!


I was grateful for time spent together, spoke about the things we did to have a baby and got personal with my new series on "Having a premmie"


What a month! I wrote some heartfelt posts for the "Having a premmie" series on pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, addressing a letter to the new NICU mumma, providing my 6 tips for dealing with parents of a premature baby, and sharing excerpts from a NICU diary.


I wrote my last post for the "Having a premmie" series on what it was like after the NICU, as well as playground antics and getting older.



I felt a whole lot of reasons to be grateful, and remembered my time away in Paris.


I recapped on my guiding word (Focus) and what mattered most, and got into the Christmas spirit!


  1. My miss six was asking for here ears pierced this week too! Did your Popette go okay? I'm worried she'll end up with one ear pierced and refuse to have the second done!! I like the idea of recapping over your year - kind of makes you realise how much you have achieved xx

    1. Yes she went through with it Elisa. She was very brave and didn't cry, although it was a bit of a shock for her and she needed a big cuddle from Mummy. :) They had the option to have two people pierce both ears at the same time, which I think is good for younger kids.

      Yeah I think its nice to reflect on the past year...I can sometimes think of only a small portion where we had problems and not remember all the good stuff that come out of it :) xx


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