22 March 2016

Just be grateful

I nearly didn't write a post today, but thought I should since I hadn't written one last week. Last Friday I shared some things I am grateful for on my Facebook page. I think taking time to be grateful, is one of those things I need to do more often.

There are times when my mind focuses way too much on the crappy stuff (like a nasty fight we are having with Hubby's family), or I worry too much about my Mum or Popette who is having a rough time at school.

One of Popette's best friends was pulled out of school this year to be home-schooled, so poor Popette is finding it hard to fit in in the playground. She's such a sweet girl, but is a little shy, so isn't great at forming new friendships. It upsets me so much when I find out that someone has been mean to her.

When I am stressed or worrying too much, it makes me forget all the good things we have done. Like catching up with friends for a picnic and play at a park, spending a day at home watching the girls play, or our weekend at the beach.

One of my good friends offered us her apartment at Coogee, so we could have a beach getaway! It was wonderful, and something we all needed!

Having fun at the beach

I have also had a couple of outings (without kids), a dinner with the Playgroup Mums & Dads, and then lunch with two girlfriends at Coogee last Saturday which is something I have needed, and very grateful for.

While I don't practice gratitude everyday, I know when I do it helps.

What are you grateful for?

Do you find time to practice gratitude?

08 March 2016

Creating a healthier me

One of my goals this year is to give my health a kickstart, and establish a fitness routine that moves me, and makes me a healthier Mumma for not just my two girls, but also myself. I have let my health & fitness go over the past couple of years.

I've also been eating way too much of the comfort foods (ie. cakes, biscuits, chocolates - my weakness) and drinking too much coffee (another weakness), rather than drinking water. (I am not a water person. Is anyone else the same? I just find it really difficult to drink 8 glasses of water each day!)

I have battled with my weight for a long time. Even when I was a teenager I was never the skinny girl, or had a real, slim figure. I am sick of feeling tired, and overweight. I also want to look healthier, and feel better in my clothes.

So last month I made some steps towards creating a healthier me by joining my local gym for a 30-day trial.

Today I had an assessment where I had to sit at a machine that calculates your height, weight, checks your blood pressure, BMI, etc. I got a rude shock, when the trainer told me my results. My health was scored 5.3/10 (which is fair), so a tiny bit better than below average, and I was ranked in the bottom 11% out of 3,500 females aged between 35-44.

I am not a big fan of exercise, but I know I need to take control of my health and fitness before it gets any worse. I want to be able to run around with my girls, and play with them without feeling out of breathe. I don't want to be sitting on the sidelines missing out on something because I don't have the energy to keep up with them.

A few areas I need to work on is my blood pressure and BMI - they are both elevated, my weight which I need to reduce, and my overall fitness levels.

Next week I am booked in for an induction, where the trainer will take me through my program and show me the different equipment. Wish me luck!

How do you fit in time for exercise? Do you like water? What do you do for exercise?

01 March 2016

Living with fear

Years ago my husband enjoyed the experience of snorkelling with dolphins in the ocean. I was too terrified to get into the dark murky water. I couldn't swim or snorkel very well, so thoughts of jumping in the sea and possibly drowning scared the hell out of me. It upsets me that I missed out on such a wonderful opportunity, and kicked myself for not doing it because I let fear take over.

I look back at my teens, twenties, thirties (I'm feeling old now) and think about all the different things I said "No" to. I wonder if I should have thought about "it" a little more, rather than decline offers, opportunities, invitations, etc. Too often I said no to an opportunity, or been too afraid of the "unknown". As a somewhat anxious introvert, I know I need to get out of my comfort zone and control my thoughts & fear more, so I don't miss out on any more opportunities.

I wonder if I hadn't let fear take up so much of my thoughts over the years what I would have done differently.

Would I have gone and studied to be a graphic designer, instead of remembering what my Year 10 career counsellor had told me - there would be no future for graphic designers! {Sorry to tell you this if you are a graphic designer, bahaha!}

Would I have lived overseas for a couple of years or studied art in Paris like I had dreamt? 

Rather than listen to fear, should I have followed my heart and gone with what I wanted, rather than have been too afraid to try.

Would I have taken the risks and in the end been happier?

I am a scaredy cat when it comes to heights and deep water, but over the years I  have surprised myself when I did something that took me out of my comfort zone, e.g, like when I climbed up Marion's lookout. When you do something that scares you, you feel exhilarated, and believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

Fear has reared its ugly head on too many occasions for me. Its made me into a less confident reserved person, who worries and thinks too much, rather than just go with the flow.

I am sick of feeling fearful of the "what ifs", and need to start making decisions and choices that will make me happy, and worry less. If I make a mistake, I need to learn from it and move on.

Screw fear!

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

What risks would you be willing to take?