22 March 2016

Just be grateful

I nearly didn't write a post today, but thought I should since I hadn't written one last week. Last Friday I shared some things I am grateful for on my Facebook page. I think taking time to be grateful, is one of those things I need to do more often.

There are times when my mind focuses way too much on the crappy stuff (like a nasty fight we are having with Hubby's family), or I worry too much about my Mum or Popette who is having a rough time at school.

One of Popette's best friends was pulled out of school this year to be home-schooled, so poor Popette is finding it hard to fit in in the playground. She's such a sweet girl, but is a little shy, so isn't great at forming new friendships. It upsets me so much when I find out that someone has been mean to her.

When I am stressed or worrying too much, it makes me forget all the good things we have done. Like catching up with friends for a picnic and play at a park, spending a day at home watching the girls play, or our weekend at the beach.

One of my good friends offered us her apartment at Coogee, so we could have a beach getaway! It was wonderful, and something we all needed!

Having fun at the beach

I have also had a couple of outings (without kids), a dinner with the Playgroup Mums & Dads, and then lunch with two girlfriends at Coogee last Saturday which is something I have needed, and very grateful for.

While I don't practice gratitude everyday, I know when I do it helps.

What are you grateful for?

Do you find time to practice gratitude?


  1. It is hard for kids when their friends leave. I hope she makes some new ones soon.
    Lovely of your friend to offer their apartment! What a great place to have a break.

    1. Thanks Jess, yeah it was a fantastic break! I really hope Popette finds a good friend soon too x

  2. I miss our weekly grateful linky with Bron! Do you miss those days? It changed me for the better, gave me a gratitude mindset. Your time away sounds amazing - what a lovely friend! Xx

    1. Hi Elisa, Yes it was a great link-up and wonderful way to connect with others. It made me be more grateful too! :) xx


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