31 May 2016

What is making me happy - Coffee

Last week I spent my mornings in bed with my coffee, while the girls ate their breakfast watching TV. Usually I don't get to do this during the week as I am busy getting the girls ready for school etc, so having this little bit of time to myself (and my coffee) made me happy.

There is nothing worse, than trying to look after two sick children when you are not feeling 100% yourself.  I was thankful to have Hubby home for the beginning of last week, but then he returned to work on Wednesday leaving me sick at home with two 'not as sick' girls. My hands and legs were full of aches and pains, my mouth hurt like hell, and my blisters from the virus were raw from washing my hands so much. Damn you coxsackie virus.

While I had the worst mouth ulcers ever, I wasn't going to give up my morning coffee. I'd rather eat vegemite (ugh) then give up my coffee....as you can tell I don't like vegemite.

Some people drink coffee for the caffeine, for me it's the taste...okay, maybe the caffeine just a little, but I do enjoy the flavour and the sense of calm it gives me after my first one. Strange...yes I know.

A little coffee illustration created using pastels

I have to restrain myself and only have 1-2 cups a day. There's not a minute I don't think about having another coffee.

Occasionally I treat myself to a takeaway coffee, sometimes with cake, but now that I have to watch my cholesterol it'll just have to be coffee on its own! Is it just me, or does anyone else get disappointed when you buy a takeaway coffee, and realise you could have made a better one at home.

We have one of those Aldi coffee pod machines, while it's not as fancy shmancy as the expensive machines with multiple settings and buttons allowing you to make different types of coffees, it works for us...which is the important thing! Especially when I am trying to get both of the girls ready in the morning for school and preschool, and they are causing a commotion...take yesterday for example...They are annoying each other at the breakfast table. Not eating their cereal, spilling their milk, making annoying copycat talk to me (drives me crazy!) and won't do as they are told.

I think I've shared my favourite cup before...I love Kikki-K!

Thankfully, when I have one of those of types of mornings I can reach for my lovely warm and inviting friend and take a few sips, and a few deep breathes, then drop the girls off to school and preschool, and return to a quiet house. Which also makes me happy.

What has been making you feel happy?

Have I made you want a coffee?


  1. Julie, anything you can do to ease your mornings while you remain unwell is a great move. I do hope you begin to feel better soon. I think my son had something like that many years ago as a young man and I recall its distress for him. Denyse #teamIBOT

  2. Coffee makes me very happy too! Hope you're feeling better, Julie. Nothing worse than having to look after children while you're sick...x


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