21 June 2016

What is making me happy - family time

We have had a couple of lovely outings over the last couple of weekends, which has been nice after the three weekends of sickness we've had to deal with.

During the long weekend we took the girls into Sydney to see Vivid 2016. If you haven't heard of Vivid, it's an electric display of lights, sounds, and animations projected over some of Sydney's most iconic buildings and tourist attractions. The festival only runs for a short time during winter, and has become a popular attraction with Sydneysiders and tourists, so we found hundreds of people wanting to see the lights as the same time as us.

It's the first time we've had been well enough to go and see it.

We got in the city early and took the girls on their first ever ferry ride to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay. It was a gorgeous afternoon on Sydney Harbour, the girls loved sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying the views from the ferry.

While there was a lot of walking for both the girls, they did pretty well, and even got to enjoy a ride on the carousel. Another first! After an early dinner we made our way back to Circular Quay on the ferry, where Popette and I bared the cold, and took some video of the Opera House all light up.

The lights and projections were amazing! The girls loved seeing the bright colours and patterns on the buildings.

Cherub got tired during the evening so needed a few horsey-rides on Daddy's shoulders, and at one stage Popette and I lost track of them both amongst the huge crowd in Circular Quay! Thankfully a kind stranger lended my Husband the use of their mobile, and we found each other again!

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and evening. Spending time together as a family is something that makes me very happy.

What has been making you happy?

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  1. Well done on braving the cold and getting to see Vivid, Julie. I went to see a few speaking events but didn't get a chance ot actually see any of the lights. Love seeing your photos, though.


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