26 July 2016

Are you a 2 cups a day type?

Hello, my name is Julie and I'm a coffee addict.

Ok well I'm not too bad, but I do love my coffee, which I have admitted here before. I have even been creating some coffee art which I have been posting on my Instagram account.

I average 2-3 coffees a day. I don't I could drink much more, not because of the caffeine, but rather I'd be going to the toilet all night!

 Here's some other fun facts:-

* I love my husband, but think I love my coffee machine more...is that bad?

* I think about having a coffee a lot..seriously if we go out with the girls, and its been a couple hours since my first i'm wondering a) if we are going somewhere to get a coffee, never mind screaming hungry wingy kids b) if the coffee is any good and c) do we have money to buy said coffee...kill me now if we don't...I'm dying, I need a coffee.

* I love that my eldest knows how to make Mummy and Daddy a coffee using our Aldi coffee machine. It tastes really good too!! I think I'll make her my own personal barista!

* Some people say that they aren't coffee people, or only drink tea. I don't think I could give it up.

* Some people say that they like it for the taste or to get the buzz first thing in the morning...mmm...I think its taste for me, I hope it helps to waken me up, but usually it doesn't. So its taste for me for sure.

* I have been trying to cut down on my sugar intake, esp since I have coffee and tea during the day. I usually have 2-3 cups, with 2 sugars per cup, which equals quite a bit of sugar. A few weeks ago I bought a sweetener, but I found it's not really that sweet at all and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. So I've gone back to my raw sugar (thinking it's probably better for me than white sugar anyway?!) and trying to reduce it to 1 1/2 teaspoons, but I find the more stressed I am I have my usual 2 sugars!

So are you a coffee person?

Do you prefer instant or coffee machine/plunger coffee?
Do you get takeaway coffee or have it at home?

Tell me quickly before I need another coffee (note this post was written while I was on my 2nd coffee)


  1. Hello, my name is Rachel, and I too am a coffee addict!! I tend to have one from my coffee pod machine at home when I wake up, then a takeaway café coffee when I drop the kids or go to work. I CANNOT survive without my coffee!

    1. Hi Rachel, So nice to meet a fellow coffee addict ;)

  2. I do love a good coffee as well. Mostly I only have one a day, first thing in the morning and my darling husband makes it for just as I get out of bed, bless him. Though there is a great little coffee shop just round the corner from me so I quite like to go for a run and then get a coffee on my way home as a bit of a reward. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  3. I'm down to one cup a day and if I don't have it first thing it will be on my mind for the morning so I'm definitely an addict. Love those illustrations. #team IBOT


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