13 December 2016

Our family roadtrip - part 2

If you missed my post last weekI thought I would share some of our adventure with you, including some of our favourite places to stay and visit over the next couple of weeks.

When I was little we would have our family holiday once a year, usually during Christmas school holidays.

We would often go to places like Umina or Berowra, which seemed so far away and was the only time we really got to the beach, or my parents would take us on a big drive out to the country to somewhere like Jindabyne or Berridale. Never to Victoria or South Australia!

We never experienced camping in a tent, or sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows while looking at the stars.

While we were in Adelaide we stayed at a couple of different tourist parks, which are so different to what I stayed in when I was little.

Most of them now have jumping pillows, a pool or splash zone, games rooms and a playground. The girls loved it of course! We gave them a little more freedom than usual, allowing them to walk over to the playground or ride their scooters around the park without us. It was also a good way of teaching them to look out for cars.


Adelaide - it's a gorgeous city. If you've never been, it's full of buildings with lots of character both old and new, a lot of churches (why it's known as the City of Churches) but yet still has a country feel to it.

Catching the tram into Adelaide CBD and seeing the sights

Hubby and I liked it's nice relaxed pace, unlike Sydney. We also loved its vicinity to the beaches, country, and vineyards. It's so lovely, I could actually live there!

Places to go in and around Adelaide:-

1. Buy an ice cream from Copenhagen ice creamery and walk down to Ramsgate beach to watch the sunset or enjoy a meal, just gorgeous!

2. Hahndorf - 34 mins from Adelaide is the charming little village of Hahndorf. It's classified as Australia's oldest surviving German settlement, and has some lovely pubs that serve up a hearty german-style lunch, little brick-a-brack stores that sell german knick knacks, cuckoo clocks, stein mugs etc, a great cheese shop (where you can do a spot of taste testing), a lolly & ice cream shops, art galleries, bakeries etc.

3. Strawberry picking at Beerenberg farm - This was one of the girls highlights from our holiday. They loved being able to pick fresh strawberries from the farm and do some taste testing of the different chutneys, sauces, jams and pickles.

4. Haigh's chocolate factory tour - it's free, and includes free samples of chocolate - need I say more. Another one of our favourite places! OK, the chocolate is delicious and worth the high price once you see the effort that is gone into making them.

5. Glenelg beach - Unfortunately it was too cold for us to have a swim, but the jetty was a great spot to watch the sunset, there's also a great playground for the kids right next to the jetty, and a good variety of cafes & restaurants nearby.

Glenelg beach

6. Adelaide Central Markets - if you are a foodie, you will love the markets! There's so many different types of stalls to see.

We were dying to try something yummy at Poh's Jamface, which didn't disappoint. They had some delicious cakes and tarts on offer. If you don't have a sweet tooth, there's also stacks of fresh fruit & vegetables, artisan baked breads and desserts, cheeses, coffee, lollies, seafood, meat, olive oil, wines, etc.

Jamface's dessert window
Hubby and Popette were in foodie heaven sampling the different cheeses and snacking on olives while walking around the markets.

7. Tram - the girls loved catching the tram in to Adelaide's CBD. It stops right near Adelaide Central Markets as well as Rundle Mall.

8. Adelaide Zoo - The Zoo has a wonderful setting, and collection of animals, including the beautiful Pandas and amazing Australian Rainforest enclosure. We watched the Macaw flying show while eating our lunch on the lawn. The girls were excited to see the Lemurs and Meerkats, while I was very excited to see the Pandas. It was a lovely day out.

9. Rundle Mall - when we were there, it was buzzing with buskers, tourists and shoppers. We loved the beautiful old buildings and spacious mall. The girls played on the mall pigs and silver balls sculptures. From the mall we strolled towards North Terrace to see the beautifully ornate buildings of the University of Adelaide, and quickly popped in to the Art Gallery of SA taking in their wonderful collection of European, Australian, Persian and Asian art.

10. West beach - yet another beach! The caravan park where we were staying was situated right next to West beach. It was lovely to walk along first thing in the morning and find shells with the girls, then late afternoon / early evening we would walk along the sand watching the sunset (yet again!) or take a walk along the boardwalk.

There is so many other places I could mention, but I will leave it here for now!

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  1. Great post! What a fab trip - the smiles on the faces of your little ones tell the story! We have a few family holidays planned next year, and I'm really excited about them. #teamIBOT


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