10 January 2017

3 weeks time

In three weeks time we have the return of school here in NSW. I have both my girls Popette and Cherub at "big school" together this year.

Popette (who has just turned 8...I'm not dealing well with 8, I could handle 7, but 8 is so much closer to 10!), will be moving into Primary as 3rd grader! How on earth did that happen? I remember feeling just as nervous and anxious about her starting big school, now I am in the same boat with Cherub (my cheeky 5 year old) who is to starting Kindergarten in February.

With the girls on our recent holiday to SA
I am trying not to stress too much...which is hard for a natural worrier like me! Her preschool teachers both reassured me that I had nothing to worry about and that Cherub was definitely ready to start school. She's definitely a little smarty and knows so much already, thanks to her big sis being at school.

I guess with the issues we had with Cherubs speech delay, and gross motor development I was worried that she might not be able to keep up with her peers.

I will miss hanging out with my cheeky little monkey

Of course I shouldn't be worried at all, Cherub certainly isn't, and is very excited about starting "big school" and often tells me which of her friends from preschool will be going to school with her.

All I can hope for is that both my girls are happy, enjoy going to school and have a great year making friends.

Have you got any littlies starting school this year? Are you feeling anxious? Does it get any easier with your children getting older? 

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  1. Oh I feel for you...but, Julie, can you be clever enough to 'hide' this from the kids. I love how much we love our kids and feel for them as they make huge changes in their lives but I also know (from the schools' and kids' perspectives over years of experience) that they worry if Mummy is worried about them at school. One kid I heard of was upset because his Mummy said she would miss him so much and he wanted to go home to see if she was alright! As for does it get better? Umm...yes and no. I think like all parts of being a parent experience helps but it can be trickier as kids get older too. friendships etc seem to be one area, especially for girls. I would encourage play dates etc for your older one as time goes on and also consider that 'not all the stories which come home from school are true'. I do wish you well...enjoy the time you have with the girls for now..and in a few weeks you will be a school mum of 2. Denyse x

    1. Aww thanks Denyse, yes I am trying to hide my worry from Cherub and often joke with her. I'm hoping I don't fall in a heap at her first day of school. :) x

  2. My big girl is starting school this year and I am terrified! Mostly just because I can see how scared and anxious she is and I'm worried that she is going to spend the first day in tears and be so angry with me come home time, asking me why I left her. I know in my head that she will be fine once she has settled in and started getting to know her teachers and class mates, just like with preschool (which she loved). My heart is taking a bit of time to catch up with my head though!

    1. I felt the same way when Popette started school Kylie. Its so hard to send them off at big school when they are feeling unsure of everything. Popette is 8 now, and still gets a little anxious at school. I hope your big girl has a great first day of school :) x


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