07 March 2017

Nourishing my creativity

On the weekend I dragged Hubby and the girls through IKEA...why is it that husband's don't like IKEA? We had a mission of buying an insert for Cherub's cupboard. We knew they had it in stock, but I also wanted to pick up some frames for some artwork I had created for the girls. Popette and I also had a browse around, oohing and ahhing at lots of pretty things. I was on a strict budget, so couldn't make too many purchases, but I was taking a mental note of all the things I liked so I could go back another day - probably without Hubby! So 2 hours later, and we finally leave IKEA!

A friend posted this article on my FB page, so amusing!

Anyway, the wardrobe is now sorted thanks to Hubby and the girls putting it together, and Cherub has a little more space for her growing wardrobe.

I also finished off a little gouache painting I made for Cherub's bedroom of a rainbow. Along with her classmates, Cherub sung "Somewhere over the rainbow" in sign language at her preschool Christmas concert last year, it was so beautiful. So this painting has a special meaning!

I finally got to frame the horse I painted for Popette's bedroom, and hung it in her room.

I also framed a painting I recently did of a jug holding eucalyptus leaves and a sprig of wattle, which has been hung on to the wall entering our kitchen, and looks nice with our aqua curtains!

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Since Cherub started Kindy, I have been trying to make sure I spend a little time each day doing something for myself. As well as creating art, I recently created a new Instagram account for sharing my artwork (@jm_artdesign), I'd love it if you would follow me!

I am being brave and sharing my work more publicly, and separating it from the blog's IG account. I have also been busy working on an online portfolio of my artwork and designs. I am hoping to build up my portfolio and creations, and one day sell them online.


  1. What gorgeous paintings, particularly the rainbow one! I also love IKEA and could roam around there for hours while the kids try out all the displays ... my husband not so much ;) #teamIBOT

    1. Thanks Erika :) Haha, yep its the same with my kids at IKEA they have to open all the draws that have the little displays telling them to open and have a look :)

  2. Good luck with getting your work out there and building up your portfolio - how exciting!


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