14 November 2017

An update on business, life and the blog

I'm beginning to notice that working on my own as a sole trader is a lot of hard work, I am responsible for everything from developing my website (which finally launched!) to promoting my business, creating posts for my business's blog and social media accounts, keeping on top of new apps/programs, updating my skills to finding jobs and clients.

My website is now live

Finding clients has been the hardest thing, I am currently not affiliated with any virtual assistant agencies, so I have to promote my business and find clients on my own. I attended my first ever networking event a couple weeks ago. As an anxious introvert, I had to take myself out of my comfort zone and make myself attend. It happened to be a lovely morning, and I got to meet some nice people who like me are either starting their own business, or have been in business for years and dealing with similar issues as myself.

When you feel like your business isn't going anywhere or you are thinking of giving up...keep going...

I work from home, so I have multiple distractions (yes, I am talking to you coffee machine!), then there's the phone ringing (usually Mum wanting to know something), my mountain of washing that stares at me each time I go into the bathroom, but one thing I do miss is having someone to bounce ideas off.  I am thinking that I might need Santa to buy me a laptop for Christmas so I can do some co-working off site, and meet up with other likeminded business people!

The girls love that I have my own business and often ask me what I have been working on. Popette in particular, wants to assist me and often draws pictures of jam jars (my business name is JAM), and says "Mum you can use this on your website". 💗

I am looking forward to having a relaxing break over Christmas...can you believe it's only 6 weeks away!!! I have made a start on Christmas shopping, and hoping to have it finished before the mad rush at the shops begins!

Our weekends have been crazy lately. The girls had their end of year music concert a week ago, and played amazingly. I was super proud of both of them. Popette had been practicing her song so much at home, and performed it beautifully, and Cherub who has only been learning keyboard for a few weeks did a great job too!

Then on Saturday we had a bunch of Cherub's friends over for a belated birthday party for her. Cherub had turned 6 when we were away, since it wasn't such a nice day on her actual birthday, we thought she should have a little party at home with some of her school friends. With a My Little Pony theme she had a great time looking for Pinkie Pie's cutie mark (treasure hunt), then placing the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie, followed by some disco dancing, a game of statues, and finally pass the parcel. Popette was my big helper, and did a wonderful job gathering the group.

Hubby and I also celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week. Hubby got off work early, and took me to a resort in Leura for lunch, which was lovely, although we were then in a mad rush to school pickup.

On the blog

Not sure if you have noticed but I have made some changes to the blog. With the girls both getting older, and being able to understand what's being written about themselves online, I have decided to change up the topics on the blog.

You will still be able to read posts from the early years - stories on motherhood/birth stories/my pregnancies, Having a Premmie series, grateful and craft posts, but I have now added new menus - like "Travelling with Children" which allows you read all about of our adventures. From camping trips, road trips to bushwalking and places we have visited.

One of things we enjoy most as a family, is exploring our beautiful country and to see and experience nature. So I am thinking of adding a little less personal posts for the time being, and more of the exploring kind, as well as returning to my grateful and possibly art posts (but not so much kids craft).

I am still sorting out the menus and labelling, but if you find anything weird happening it would be great if you could let me know.

It's always good to have a bit of change...what's the saying, a change is as good as a holiday!

07 November 2017

Exploring...Penrith & Blue Mountains

Today I thought I'd share pics of some of my families favourite places we like to visit in Penrith and the Blue Mountains.

On the weekends we often go bushwalking, take the girls for a ride on their bikes, or just like to explore.

Wentworth Falls & Leura Cascade Falls

We live in the Blue Mountains, and love being within the World Heritage Listed National Park. One thing we have been doing a lot of this year is bushwalking. During our last school holidays we took the girls on an outing to the beautiful Wentworth Falls, and Leura Cascade falls. They were great walks for kids and had amazing views and waterfalls. Be sure to check out the National Parks website before heading to the falls, as they are sometimes closed due to bad weather, or work being carried out.

L to R: Leura falls, views from Wentworth Falls
L to R: Leura cascade, Wentworth falls

Exploring Leura Cascades

Nepean River

There are some lovely paths to stroll along by the Nepean River in Penrith. We have taken the girls to the river quite a few times this year for either a leisurely "stroll and roll" with girls on their scooters or to stop for something to eat while enjoying the autumn leaves and fun in the playground. If you are really keen there is a Bridge to Bridge loop on the Great River walk which includes approximately 8km walking and the 7km loop. We have completed sections of the walk both with the girls and on our own, we still have to give the whole loop a go.

On one side you have houses overlooking the river, if you are in need of a coffee, you can stop by the Penrith Regional Gallery for a caffeine hit. On the other side, which is where we normally take the girls, you will find some playgrounds, picnic tables, and across from Tench Reserve is the Coffee Club to refuel you for the walk back.

Penrith Regatta Centre

The girls love to ride their bikes or scooters around the great big lake at the Regatta Centre. The centre has picnic tables, barbeques, and gym equipment sprawled out around the track. Its a lovely spot being next to the water with the Blue Mountains backdrop, although it pays to check their website for opening times as they are sometimes closed due to events being held, or can be busy with Parkrun and Triathlons.

Riding bikes and scooters around the lake

Do you enjoy exploring with the family? Have you been to anywhere in the Blue Mountains or Penrith that you really liked?

This post is in no way sponsored by any of the places that has been listed here, these are just some places we enjoy and which I wanted to share with my readers.