08 May 2018

Exploring...Hartley Historic Village

During the school holidays, Hubby and I took the girls on a drive to Lithgow as we wanted to check out a car we saw online for sale. As it's over an hours drive to Lithgow from our house, we thought we'd pack some lunch and find a nice spot to enjoy a picnic and possibly do a bushwalk.

After a quick test drive, we decided to check out the little historic village of Hartley situated in Little Hartley, 14 kms south of Lithgow for a picnic and a bushwalk.

I hadn't been to Hartley since I was 11 or 12, when my family spent a weekend away at horse riding farm (one still operates there today) riding horses. Back then, it was my first time riding a horse, so I didn't venture out of the exercise yard to go on the trail rides like my adventurous brothers! Of course, my girls are now keen to go there and try it out.

L to R: view looking down to the old buildings, renovated accommodation, the girls saying hello to the furry residents.

The old village is lovely with its old colonial style buildings dating back to the 1800's. You can take a guided tour of the old courthouse most days (except for Monday, when we happened to be there), better planning by us next time, there is also a cafe, gallery, renovated accommodation, and 700m boardwalk along the Lett river, which we enjoyed. If you are lucky you may even spot a platypus playing in the river.

L to R: My favourite trees - Poplar trees, cottages, St Bernard's Church, Hartley Courthouse, meeting the horses,
Lett River, views from the old service station.

The girls love to explore, searching for birds & animals. We saw lots of varieties of butterflies, and wombat burrows on our bushwalk by the river, but unfortunately no platypus.

L to R: Entry to the walk, remains of Rawson Hut, more trees, shelter with tables & chairs

The views from the courthouse and old service station are gorgeous, as is the scenery driving from Sydney to Hartley with views overlooking the Megalong Valley and Kanimbla Valley. Hubby is keen to take us camping in the Megalong Valley once the weather warms up.

Do you enjoy exploring areas where you live? Where have you visited lately?

This post is in no way sponsored by the places that has been mentioned here, this is just a place we enjoyed visiting, and which I wanted to share with my readers.