13 February 2018

Exploring...The Rock Lookout, Mulgoa

A couple weeks ago we took the girls and my Mum on a little outing. It was a beautiful morning for a bushwalk, so we headed to the historic village of Mulgoa to visit The Rock Lookout, which is a short drive from Penrith.

It was the first time the girls had been there. Mum and I couldn't remember the last time we had visited (Hubby assures me we had, but it was back when we were dating, so long ago!) 

We all enjoyed taking in the beauty of the Mulgoa valley, and the quiet bush setting. 

The Rock Lookout is located in the Blue Mountains National Park, but situated in Mulgoa, a 30 minute drive from the centre of Penrith. 

Cherub all set for a bushwalk

On arrival, you can see the remains from a recent bushfire that swept through this section of the national park. We found a fire extinguisher that had been left behind, hundreds of burnt trees, and unfortunately people's rubbish that had been dumped.

Although it was sad seeing where the fire had ravaged the forest, it was lovely to see new growth already popping up, and colours which were beautiful. 

After a short stroll, and climb up some rocky steps, you are lead up to The Rock. 

Once you are on the lookout there isn't any barriers, so you need to be extra cautious especially if you have small children or elderly parents with you (we should have realised before taking Mum!) 

The rock face has a very steep drop so we took in the views metres away from the edge.

The lookout overlooks the Blue Mountain's forestland, along with sweeping views of the Nepean River gorge. We could just make out where the bushfire started and jumped over the river.

The burnt trees on the left is where the fire had started

The girls enjoyed the view, but were keen to leave as they were a little scared. 

After a lovely visit, it was time for some morning tea at our favourite cafe in Luddenham...I'll tell you about that another time!

Does your kids enjoy bushwalking and visiting National Parks?

30 January 2018

Gaining "focus" for the new year

A few weeks ago I revealed my guiding word for 2018 - "Focus". I hadn't realised it at the time but I chose "Focus" as my word in 2015. For some reason it escaped my mind. I guess there's a reason why I have chosen it again, maybe with everything that's been going on in my life I needed to regain my focus on what's really important and forget the bullshit that gets served up from time to time.

My intention this year is to focus on:

my health & fitness - this past Christmas has definitely added some extra kgs to my waistline, so I need to get myself back into some regular form of exercise, and be aware of how much I am eating.

read more - Over the holidays I have been borrowing books from our local library, and been enjoying reading them in bed with my coffee in the morning. At the moment I am reading "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne, which is on the magic of gratitude, and the other is Brené Brown's book on wholehearted living - "The gifts of Imperfection", which I'm constantly dog-earing pages (I'm bad)

henever I get thinking negatively or 'why us', I am using gratitude to remember the good stuff we have experienced as a family, items we own that allows us to do things together (like our car) as well as people I am grateful for in our life.

be more mindful - Along with becoming more grateful, I am trying to be more mindful with my thinking about myself & other people and how I react to those thoughts. Popette recently turned 9, and is at an impressionable age where she is starting to feel big emotions like love, remorse, regret etc, and has been expressing herself to us a lot lately. I feel for my big girl as she is very sensitive, and I want to be there for her through this, and ensure I set a good example to my girls.

to create - I want to allow myself time to paint & draw, because when I don't I crave & miss it. To be able to sell my artwork is still on my 'to-do' list, so I hope to get closer to that goal this year.

hobbies - I have been playing around with my new DSLR camera Hubby bought me for my birthday 😊 Our last camera was a Nikon point & shoot, so it's been a while since I've used a SLR. I am hoping to take up some classes or a course, and learn how to take better photos.

build & promote my business - With my VA business I have been trying to focus on who my target audience is, and how to attract those clients. I have been marketing via social media, as well as delivering a flyer (its a bit old school, but worth a go) to businesses I think can benefit from my services...its been slow and harder than I imagined, but I am hoping that one day all the work will pay off. I want to be able to demonstrate to my girls that if you work hard at something, whether it's your business, or studying, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Have you chosen a guiding word this year? What are your intentions?