06 November 2018

A letter to Cherub - now you are 7

To my little Cherub,

Little, you are not so much, as you are growing up to be a tall girl. I can't believe you are 7! Ever since you started school, time seems to have flown by. The days of us sitting on the back deck painting or joining friends at playgroup are slowly becoming a distant memory in place of home readers, book parades, playdates and homework.

You are still a chatterbox. Your constant chitter chatter drives us & Popette crazy at times. You are our "Boo Boo", and the baby of the family. Out of all of us, you are the one who always wakes up happy and ready to give out cuddles.

Your sweet nature has earned you many friends at school with numerous party invitations throughout the year much to your sister's jealousness.

Popette at the river earlier this year

You and Popette both love playing games together involving your ponies, unicorns, princesses and BFFs animals. The imaginary worlds you both create bring you countless hours of joy. If only you had as much enthusiasm in cleaning up after yourself and putting your toys away as you do with coming up with ideas of different games to play.

You are thoughtful and will offer one of your own lollies or chocolates to us if we don't have any.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and believe in the goodness of people even though sometimes that means you get hurt.

You had a lovely birthday! First enjoying opening your presents on our bed at 6.30am! So much for sleeping in! After a breakfast of mushrooms on toast (your request), we played a game of tenpin bowling (Daddy won!) and games at playtime. Then had some morning tea at Krispy Kreme.

You can't go to tenpin bowling without strutting out some dance moves

Deciding against a ride on your bike we had a backyard picnic then you and Popette coloured-in and played with your new BFFs and Shopkins toys together.

Popette's 7th birthday (back in September)
It was a lovely day which ended with your favourite meal and chocolate mud birthday cake with Nanna.

Lots of love,
Mumma xxxx

21 August 2018

What is making me happy - Exploring

On the weekend I saw a sign that read "Happiness is enjoying the simple things in life", I couldn't agree with it more. That's why I thought I'd bring back my little series on "What is making me happy".

As a family, we love nothing more than jumping in the car and go exploring. We love driving to new places, or places we have visited before and want to check out again, or stop where there's an amazing view on the side of a road or from a lookout, or visit a place for a bushwalk.

Last weekend we went camping down on the NSW south coast with friends for a long weekend. We enjoyed exploring towns such as Berry, seeing the blowhole at Kiama, as well as taking in the beautiful rolling hills and countryside.

It was too cold (and windy) for a swim or fish, but the kids enjoyed finding shells on the beach, running around on the sand and stopping at Black Head Reserve to check out the views of the headlands and coastline.

At the end of the day, Popette beamed with excitement telling us "It was the best day!"

Its the little things like spending time together exploring that makes us all happy. What have you done recently that made you happy?

Cherub on the beach

Looking for shells

Kiama blowhole

Beautiful countryside near Gerroa
Views of Kiama
Seven Mile Beach

Headlands and coastline from Black Head reserve
A farm near Berry