31 October 2017

Its been a while...hello!

I can't believe it's Halloween today! While we don't celebrate it in our house or have taken the girls trick or treating, the girls do love to create craft. Last week we made some drawings of scary haunted houses and ghosts. It made me remember (and miss) how much fun we used to have creating craft together, or spending days painting and drawing at the dining room table. Like the Masking Tape Mummies and Ghostly plates we made years ago.

Having Cherub start school this year has been hard for me, I thought I'd be fine, but can't believe how much I have been missing her, or both of them, especially when they return to school after school holidays.

I have been keeping myself busy with setting up my new virtual assistant business. Lately I have been working on my website (so close to being finished, hooray!) and have been advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Not sure how much of it is getting seen, as Facebook isn't all that friendly anymore when it comes to business pages. If you could pop over and follow me, I would be so grateful!

I miss my little blog. It's been a huge part of my life for the past 7 and a bit years. I have been wondering whether to keep it going, now that the kids are getting older. Just the other day, Popette asked me not to put up a photo on Facebook, as she didn't want it embarrassing her!! She's only 8!

Sorry it's been so quiet over here! Looking back at the last post I had written was just before our holiday.

We had a nice break away. Cherub particularly loved being on holidays for her birthday, but unfortunately our tent got damaged by high gale force winds which made it topple over and the poles snap...it wasn't the nicest gift for our birthday girl. 😢 We were all devastated as we were really looking forward to camping at the beautiful Grampians.

Our campsite (and tent before it got damaged) at Halls Gap in the Grampians, such a beautiful spot to take in
nature, sit back by the fire and look up at the stars!

From bottom left - Birthday girl opening her presents, cheeky visitors eating breakfast crumbs,
 mountains and a rainbow, exploring Venus Baths

Hubby was keen to take us all the way home, but thankfully I convinced him to stay put as we searched for alternatives. Thankfully we found a place that hired out camper trailers, so got to spend most of the week camping.

In the end we did lots of bushwalking, saw some beautiful waterfalls, amazing views, and lovely flowers, and animals.

L - Beehive Falls, setting up the camper trailer, Balconies lookout, Fish Pond falls, Boroka lookout with Cherub, Popette checking the temperature of the water at Silverband Falls.

Popette (who we nicknamed Lady Attenborough) made some mini documentaries. She's been loving Sir David Attenborough's  documentaries on TV lately, and would say "I wonder if David Attenborough has been here." 💗💗

These sort of holidays are our favourite. If it wasn't for the tent collapsing, it would have been a happier one, and a whole lot cheaper! But its not about how much money a holiday costs, for us its the memories that we make together exploring, having campfires and roasting marshmallows, seeing beauty in nature, and relaxing. We saw fields & fields of canola while travelling (I couldn't get enough photos, it's beautiful!) that the girls started a canola siren, so whenever we saw it, they'd go "woop woop woop", then it became an Emu siren, a Kangaroo siren, etc etc...crazies! 😂

Canola galore! So pretty!

Do you like camping? Have you had any bad experiences on holidays? What's the best camp spot you've visited?