24 March 2011


Hello fellow followers!

How exciting, just the other day I had one faithful reader following me (thanks The Mother Experiment!), and today when I logged in I have six! Woohoo!!! Well I guess I better write something......

First of all, welcome to my blog if you are new to here. I am still relatively new to the world of blogging. I haven't really dedicated a lot of time to writing blogs, if lucky I might churn out one a week...maybe two if I'm having a good week. Somedays my mind shuts down completely (which seems to be a lot lately ;0)) so am unsure what I am going to write about. I try and fit blogging in when my little one is having her afternoon nap (thankfully she is having one today!!) or when she is sitting down and doing something like colouring-in and watching "Play School" or "The Wiggles".

Yesterday my daughter, "Popette" who I affectionately call her, decided she wasn't going to have a nap. After lunch I tucked her in to her cot with some of her furry little friends she takes to bed.....which seems to be increasing. It used to be just an "Upsy Daisy" and "Iggle Piggle" doll, now its her two babies, two puppies, and a sheep, plus Upsy and Piggle....I'm amazed that there's any room left in the bed for her!

She was in bed at 12.30pm and decided that she didn't want to sleep, so for 2 hours she decided to sing, talk, play and cry out to Mummy every few seconds or so ....which drove me crazy. I was grateful when "SuperDad" finally got home from work, so he could take over for a little while...I was exhausted.

Today she is having a lovely nap, she went down at around 12.45pm after a visit to the shops with Mummy.

Thankfully she didn't fight me when I said it was bedtime. Usually she'll kick and cry "Noooooo", but today she was good and let me change her nappy, and place her into bed with just Iggle, Daisy and sheepy as he's known.....the rest of the crew are chilling in her pop-up tent ;-)

I dread the day when she will no longer need a daytime nap. She's 2, and is only on 1 sleep a day, somedays she can go without but I've found that when she does she gets over-tired, a bit whingy and grumpy. Usually she'll sleep for a good 2 hours, but somedays it could be shorter (1-1/2 hours) or even go as long as 3 hours!! It's nice as I get to have a little break and either write a blog or check my email and Facebook accounts.

When she wakes up I might take her to the park. I've been promising that I'd take her since yesterday, so if the weather stays nice and it doesn't rain that will be our afternoon activity.

Hope you're having a lovely day.

22 March 2011

Precious time

Time, precious time....sometimes its hard to remember what that was.

Somedays I feel like there's not enough hours in the day to get things done. I know I have things to do such as cleaning the house (oh the joy!), or to do the clothes washing, mop and vaccum the floor etc, but sometimes days just wizz by and before you know it, it's time to get Missy Moo ready for her bath, dinner and then bed. 

Sometimes I feel guilty when my hubby gets home from work, and says 'So what have you been up to all day?', and I have to sit down and recall what it is that I have done.....hmmm.....it might be something like this:
  • Ate breakfast - check, 
  • Had shower - check, 
  • Got Missy fed and dressed - check, 
  • Picked up a million toys off the floor - check,
  • Packed the dishwasher and turned it on - check,
  • Changed Missy's nappy and made sure she had enough to eat/drink - check
  • Did colouring-in and played blocks with Missy Moo - check.
When I do get some 'free' time to myself (usually when "Popette" is having her afternoon nap) I might check my email or Facebook account (the biggest time waster of them all, as I usually play a game or two), maybe write a blog (I'm still not very good at allocating time to that!), or check out another site/blog that I like.

I remember back to when I was child-free and had plenty of time to indulge in my hobbies or to do things like painting my nails or getting my hair done. Not to mention time to go to the toilet or to have a shower in peace....now that's a luxury!

Then there was time where hubby and I used to drive to different places for something to do, go in to town and see an exhibition or show, go watch a movie or out to dinner....to do any of that now requires a lot of planning, time and patience. Especially when getting Missy ready....that is of course that she's fine, and not having a bad day because of lack of sleep or illness, usually by the time we are ready to go and have the car packed, we don't go because it's nearly lunchtime and Missy's naptime...arrrgh. We've had so many occassions where we've had to cancel outings because she's either been sick or not her usual happy self.

This weekend I'm having a day out with some girlfriends. We don't catch up all that regularly, so when we do it's nice to see each other and catch up on things, and not having to worry about being Mummy for a few hours. We're off to High Tea in the city, so I'm looking forward to some yummy cakes and a nice cup of English Breakfast tea. ;-)

The most important thing is that I make time for my hubby and daughter, they are my world and make me happiest. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if I haven't had time to paint my nails or watch my favorite show, as long as I've had quality time with my little family is all that counts :-)

15 March 2011

My toddler's fake cry

Lately "Popette" has discovered "the fake cry". You know the one, the one where there not really crying (I guess some call it "Crocodile Tears") and has a little whinge when she wants something...it's been driving my husband and I crazy.

Today, for example, she wanted an iceblock which we don't have.....I even showed her the empty freezer, where this is no iceblocks!! So of course I got "the fake cry" as there was no iceblocks. To stop her from 'crying' I caved in, and gave her a biscuit....I know very healthy.....this was after trying to get her to eat a pear which she refused to eat until I gave her a fork. She then sat quite happily eating her pear for a while, but when I walked past and offered her some, she refused to eat anymore of it....it's so frustrating!!!

If that's not frustrating enough, I'll ask her if she wants something and I get "No", or I get "No, OK"...so what is it?? Is it "No", "No thanks", "OK"? I know she's only two so I shouldn't expect too much from her, but lately she's driving me crazy with the "OK".....then when I give her something that she said "OK" to, I get a big "NO!!" And she'll just about throw the food off her high chair table and across the room.

Does your toddler do something that drives you crazy?

07 March 2011

My little girl is growing up....

My beautiful little girl is growing up......she's no longer that sweet little baby smiling and gurgling up at me, or tiny infant crawling around the floor exploring. My little girl has recently turned 2,  so is now a 'big girl' and a 100% certified toddler....it's funny the baby nurse I take her too told me that she can only be a certified toddler if she's had a tantrum....well she's had quite a few of those, so I guess that makes her a toddler...let's hope she's not a terrible 2!!

Yesterday "Popette" brushed her teeth with toothpaste for the first time, which was amazing as we've had so much trouble in getting her to allow us to brush her teeth (teething hasn't helped that!!)....but now that she has special "Wiggles" toothpaste (I love The Wiggles!!) she lets us. She's also using a cup with a straw to drink her milk before bed.....so no more bottle (hooray!!) The next thing we need to work on is getting her toilet trained....we're not going to well in that department.

When looking through her baby photos today I couldn't believe that my gorgeous baby is already a little girl. Where did these past 2 years go? It's so unfair that it's flown by so quickly...my friend thinks that it hasn't gone by so quickly, but I disagree, and think that last year when she learned so many new things, i.e. how to crawl, talk, walk, sing, dance, etc, seemed to whizz by even quicker than the year before when she my most precious, tiny baby girl and so helpless.

To look at her now, she's a talkative, funny, cheeky, sweet little girl, who loves nothing more than cuddling her Daddy (she looooves Daddy....definately "Daddy's little girl"), Mummy and all her teddies & dollies. Loves watching the Wiggles and Playschool, painting, drawing, colouring in, going to the park, playing with her friends, visiting Nanna & Poppy, chasing bubbles, singing, dancing, going to the pool etc.

For her birthday her friend gave her two babies, which we have named Justine (after Justine Clark from Playschool, who she loooves probably more than Mummy!! Poor Mummy), and Abby (after Abby Kadaby from Sesame Street). It is so sweet watching her play with her babies. She was taking off their little beanies and placing them back on. She takes turns in pushing them around in her pram.

Just recently she's begun liking "The Wiggles" and knows most of the characters and "Wiggles" by name, except Anthony....I don't think she can get her tongue around his name just yet. :-) She loves singing along with their songs and watching them on TV. The other day I bought tickets to their show next month, it will be "Popette's" first concert....and Mummy's first "Wiggles" concert. I'm really looking forward in taking her, and hoping she has a fun time.

It doesn't seem all that long ago when we would watch "In The Night Garden" over and over again, and sing the little songs about 'Upsy Daisy' and 'Iggle Piggle'.