21 February 2017

5 ways to nourish yourself

This year I chose Nourish for my guiding word. After being a full-time stay-at-home Mum for the past eight years, I felt it was time I put my needs first (for a change), and to start taking better care of myself. I want to make sure I balance my time better, so I am not feeling so drained by the time school holidays roll around. 

As a Mum I often find myself mentally drained and feeling rundown (especially towards the end of a school term) because I have been so concerned with the girls health, getting things done for them, helping my Mum out with chores, or dealing with the housework and clutter etc. I usually find an excuse not to exercise or make my own health issues a priority, resulting in me getting sick or not feeling 100%.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the different things I do to nourish and look after myself.

My vision board for Nourish

These are just 5 ways I have been taking time out for myself:

* Create - As you may already know, I love to be creative! Whether its drawing or painting, taking photos or baking I love to create something. I find when I spend a little time (even if it's 20 minutes) to create something, it perks me up for the rest of the day. It had been a few weeks since I painted and had been really missing it, so last Friday I spent an hour or so creating this painting.

An aqua jug with some Eucalyptus leaves and a sprig of Wattle in gouache

* Music - Lately, while I have been washing the dishes or tidying the house, I turn the music up on the ipod. I like to listen to the latest songs by Ed Sheeran, Michael Buble or my all-time favourite Bon Jovi on YouTube.

* Coffee - savouring a good cup of coffee is important on my daily to-do-list, especially in the morning. Once I've dropped the girls off to school, I like to come home and make myself a nice cup of coffee, which I can sit down and enjoy.

* Reading - I haven't really read a proper book for ages, I mainly read blogs and articles online. So a few weeks ago I bought myself Ellen Degeneres book "Seriously...I'm Kidding", which is a good laugh, and a nice, easy to read, non-heavy book to lead me back to reading books.

* TV - My latest show weakness has been the American house renovation shows (Masters of Flip, Listed Sisters) that have been on TV. While I've never loved ironing (I'd rather iron something when I need it, then iron a basket full of clothes and hang them up, only to get creased again!) I have been ironing Hubby's business shirts for the week, along with the girls uniforms on a Monday morning while watching the renovation shows I had recorded the night before. I may take a little longer to iron them, as I like to enjoy the show while savouring my coffee!

I hope one of these ideas helps you to take better care of yourself :)

07 February 2017

A letter to Cherub - you are now in Kindy

Dear Cherub,

Well it's official, you are now a Kindy kid! Last Thursday you had your very first day at Kindergarten and was really excited. As Daddy and I took you into the big classroom, you were so eager to sit and play. After the teacher introduced you to another little girl at the playdough table, you looked up at us and said "Bye" without any tears, which was our queue to leave. I was so happy for you but at the same time hiding my tears, as it meant my time as a stay-at-home Mum and having you at home with me is now over. 

Watch out Kindy, here comes Cherub!
It's strange, but I am having a hard time being at home without you. I miss you like crazy. While I was used to having 2 days to myself while you were at preschool, I now have 3 more days of solitude (I know, I should be celebrating, usually I can't wait for some 'me time'), but I miss your fun, cheeky little self and taking you to places like playgroup, kindygym, even grocery shopping.

I think of how lucky your teacher is going to be having your sweet, happy, little face in her class. Chatting happily away (maybe a little too much!), so eager to learn how to read and write.

Yesterday we found out that you have been placed in a composite class with Year ones. I am a little disappointed as it's not ideally what we wanted for you, it's not to say that you won't thrive in the class though. You are positive, and don't seem too bothered by the older kids in your class. 

I'm worried that you won't get to experience the whole of Kindergarten and it's fun, like your big sister did, and wonder if you still get to hang out with other Kindy friends. But I know that your caring, sweet nature will make you many new friends regardless of what year they are in.

As you begin this new chapter of your life I hope you love going to school, that you make plenty of friends, and grow into a happy, confident student.

A selfie with my Kindy girl!
Just remember that Mummy loves you so much, and I am very very proud of you (and your big sis) and will miss you both heaps. 

Lots of love, 
Mumma xxx