31 July 2014

Open day at Popette's school

How are we halfway through the year already? I know, I know...I say this every year, but this year seems to be flying by. I can't believe Popette is in Term 3.

Yesterday I went to an open day at Popette's school. Popette was so happy to see Cherub and I show up to her classroom. She took us on a tour of her classroom, happily showing us drawings and other work she had made. Then read me some sight words that she's been learning in jolly phonics.

Afterwards we walked over to the school hall to see all the science projects on display. Popette made a windmill with help from Daddy. Hubby who is a "science buff" was pretty excited to help her out. Together they designed the windmill, then Popette did the painting and gluing, while Hubby did a couple of the tricky bits. In the end it looked great, and not like an adult had helped all that much.

After watching a performance from the school band and choir, we sat down in the playground for a picnic lunch. Then Popette took Cherub on a tour of the play equipment, which was a real hit!

I'm so proud of how well Popette is coming along at school. She loves her teacher and is very proud of her school. She has told us on a few occasions that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. Sooo sweet.

We are trying to help her with her writing and cutting, being a lefty is quite a challenging thing for her, but she's trying hard which is all we could ask of her.

22 July 2014

Kids craft: Paper plate dinosaurs

I'm pretty sure I told you that our little Cherub loves dinosaurs. She loves anything to do with them. So it was a no-brainer for me to make another craft featuring her favourite prehistoric friend.

I was also looking for a craft activity that would be easy for Cherub and her little friends at playgroup to make as I said I would run the craft session this week. So after spending time on Pinterest last night (probably too much!) I found this great little activity using paper plates, which I knew Cherub would go crazy for.

Items that you will need
All you need is:
  • a paper or plastic plate
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • googly eyes
  • craft glue or sticky tape
  • paint or coloured pencils, textas, crayons etc

Make a dinosaur in 4 easy steps

To make the dinosaur, first draw a line across the middle of the plate. One side will be used as the dinosaur's body, on the other side sketch a dinosaur's head, tail and feet and cut them out.

Then using craft glue stick the head, tail and feet onto the body, and add a googly eye.

To make your dinosaur complete get your little one to paint or decorate it. Cherub decided that she didn't want to paint her dinosaur, so Popette took over and painted him for her. 

Suitable age group: 2 - 5yrs
Estimated time: 10-15 mins (if Mum or Dad helps cut out the dinosaur)
Messiness factor: medium (remember to use watercolour paints, which is easy to wash off little hands)

19 July 2014

A busy week

Ahh its nice to finally sit down and enjoy a little break before dinner.

Tonight we are having a 'pizza party', meaning sitting down to Hubby's homemade pizza's
watching a family movie. Tonight's movie - 'Frozen', again! Then once the kids go to
bed, Hubby and I are cracking open the red wine and chocolate and watching 'The Book

Its been such a busy week, I haven't had a chance to write a post about our holidays or spend much time doing things for myself. So its nice to take this moment to sip on my wine and catch up on bloggy stuff.

The holidays were lovely. It was nice being home and watch Popette and Cherub play together. Hubby took a much needed break from work, which meant we had plenty of "family time", which is always wonderful.

If you hadn't read on my FB page, my Mum had undergone an operation on Monday for a
pacemaker. After a couple months of feeling unwell, experiencing high blood pressure and
heart palpitations, she was told by her doctor (much to her dislike) that she would need a pacemaker. So I have been taking her to the hospital, spent a night with her at her place to make sure she was ok. (My first night away from the kids & hubby, so wish it was in a 5 star resort!) and dropped off meals and checked up on her.

I am so grateful having Hubby at home and helping out with the girls, while I was busy
doing things for Mum. I don't know how I would have coped getting Popette to and from
school as well as being there for Mum.

Anyway I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!