27 February 2014

Craft: Non-cook play dough

Since we haven't been making much craft here lately, I thought I'd link-up to this old post on non-cook play dough! :)

Do your kids love to play with play dough? I recently found a great recipe for a non-cook play dough on the net that I thought I would share with you (it's originally from here if you want to check it out), its so easy to make.

My girls love to play with play dough. Especially Cherub now she is bigger. She loves sitting in her highchair, with the play dough and shape cutters on her little table. I'd be a lot happier if she could sit at the "big table" like her sister, then there would be less things to pick off the floor!!

This type of play dough can get a little sticky and isn't as firm as the ones you can buy in the shop, so I keep ours in a plastic bag in the fridge or in old play dough containers. It also dries out pretty quickly, so I make sure Popette puts it away after she's finished using it.

This is an easy activity to do with the little ones, Popette loved helping me add the ingredients to the bowl.

Adding the ingredients

Popette kneading the dough

All you need is:

2-3 cups plain flour
3/4 cup salt
1 teaspoon food colouring
1 tablespoon vegetable oil (we used olive oil, which worked fine)
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
1 cup of water
1 large bowl
wooden spoon


First add each of the dry ingredients to a large bowl, then oil, water and food colouring.

Stir with a wooden spoon, until its all mixed together.

Then turn the play dough onto a floured surface and knead it until its soft and ready for use!

Popette playing
I only made a small amount to check that it worked (and because I didn't have enough flour). If you only want to make a small quantity, I just halved the amounts of the flour, salt, and tartar, but used the same amount for the liquids, which turned out fine.

Suitable age group: 3-5yrs
Estimated time: 15 mins
Messiness factor: low

24 February 2014

I'm not sure what I want

I so wanted this to be the year that I get out of my negative thoughts, savour the time I have with my children and reclaim time to myself. I don't know if it's the same for you, but some days I feel like it's "groundhog day" (I love the movie!) and I'm stuck doing the same thing over and over again!

I'm so over cleaning up spills on the floor, changing dirty nappies, picking up mess off the floor, tidying up the toys, cleaning the kitchen, washing the clothes...you know what I mean?

Source: Pinterest

While I love spending time with Cherub, being at home can be lonely, nobody tells you when you have a baby how lonely it'll be. If you don't have a group of friends or family around, it can be hard. Now that Popette is at school it's just me and Cherub. Cherub is a happy, cheeky, giggly little girl. I love her to pieces. 

She is a lot of fun to be with, but there are days when I feel like I need more or need a change. Please tell me you understand what I am saying!

I was trying to explain it to my husband last night, but couldn't quite find the words. I guess what makes it hard, is that I don't know what I want. I don't know if I want to return to work, study a course to up-skill myself or just join an art class at a community college and get back into my art. I love spending time with Cherub so don't want to leave her all together, but unsure whether I'm ready to work part-time.

I guess I'm feeling a little unsure of what I want.

Have you ever gone through a point in your life where you knew something had to change?

19 February 2014

Appreciating the change

I've been feeling a little lost lately. Its funny because when Popette was attending daycare last year, I was relishing the two quiet days. Now she's at school, I'm searching for things to keep me busy until pick-up time. I think I need to create a routine not only for Cherub but myself!

With Popette now at Kindy I've found Cherub getting tired rather quickly in the morning. She is not enjoying the change to her morning routine, which now consists of eating breakfast and getting dressed before 9am!

Before we would take our time having breakfast (in front of the TV), eventually get dressed then do something. Nowadays we don't have much time for playing puzzles or watching TV before school, which Cherub isn't too pleased about. I think its a good thing, as it is limiting the amount of TV she is watching!

Last week we returned to her music appreciation class which she enjoys, as well as attended playgroup where she loved making Valentines day cards! I'm hoping she will meet some kids around her age there, poor Cherub doesn't have friends her own age, and misses her sister like crazy. It would be nice for her to have someone around her age to play with.

I've never been good with change (I'm sure it's a Capricorn thing), but have to say I am adjusting to the change in our morning routine rather well. I've been enjoying the morning and afternoon strolls to Popette's school. There are days when we have a quick drop-off or pick-up in the car, but most days I can put Cherub in the pram or on her bike.

Another change I've made is setting aside some time for myself each day to do my own thing.

A couple weeks ago I started this free art journaling workshop which I came across online. I've never done any form of art journaling before, so it's all new to me, but thought it would be a good way for me to get creative and allow me to have a little time to myself. I'm a little behind as I started late, but am having fun creating.

One of my projects titled "Something that makes me smile"

I've also been getting into the baking, which is another creative outlet I enjoy. For Valentine's day I made a Chocolate Ganache tart with homemade shortcrust pastry. It wasn't too bad for my first attempt. The pastry was a little thick, but the filling was heavenly!!

Do you like routines, or are you a "lets see what happens today" sort of person?

03 February 2014

Popette's first day at Kindy {and the beginning of a new journey}

Well the day has arrived!

Today Popette is off to "big school". Not only is it day 1 of Kindy, but its the start of a new journey in Popette's life.

Popette trying on one of her uniforms

I look at my little girl, and still see my little bubba. I don't see a "school girl" or someone who should be going to Kindy. I see my sweet, happy, cheeky little girl who I adore.

I see our little Popette who was born 11 weeks early into this world, and faced the odds of being born prematurely.

Our little Popette holding Daddy's finger

I remember the fun times we had together before Cherub was born, as well as the times the three of us shared together while Daddy was at work.

I can't believe I've been at home with her for 5 years! It has flown by! I'm sure all mothers & fathers go through these feelings.

I wish I had longer with her at home. Of course I've had the days when I wished she was at school or daycare, or when she's driven me crazy, that I couldn't wait for her to go to bed!

But there's also been days of much fun, laughter, and those special little moments you want to cherish and hold onto that I've adored, like the many outings to the park, fun times at music or the library, visiting friends and playing together at home.

Over the years we've made lots of craft. I can still hear that little voice asking me "Mumma can we make something special?", and seeing the excitement on her face when we sit at the dining table making something together.

Popette painting

I will miss that little hand of hers holding mine as we walk around the shops or cross the road (thankfully I still get to hold it on the way to school :))

Or the times she tells me she loves me or asks me to sit with her and watch something with her on TV. I will miss hearing her laughter and "constant chatter" around the house, even her running or skipping through the house (after I've told her a million times not to!) and how she helps me with her little sister Cherub.

Cherub is going to miss her big sister so much. Cherub adores Popette. Every chance she gets she gives her sister the biggest of hugs. They love each other so much. They especially love to wrestle each other on the floor. Popette dotes over Cherub. Sometimes I'll hear Popette say to Cherub, "Darlin' don't do that", or "Darlin' do you want your bottle? Yes, okay darlin I'll tell Mumma" It's sooo sweet.

Cherub & Popette on a recent outing

They are the best of friends.

Seeing them together makes my heart full of pride and love. They are the sweetest things ever.

I so wish I could wind back the clock and spend more time with my eldest girl. There are moments when I think about the couple of years I had with my Dad battling cancer (then passing away) and how I wasn't coping very well and how I pushed Popette (and to a smaller extent Cherub) away. I feel bad, that Popette who was only young, couldn't understand what I was going through and unfortunately didn't get the whole of my attention.

It saddens me that I've lost precious little moments with her which I won't get back. {I'm sorry Popette}.

My little princess

If I was to write Popette a letter today it would say:

To my dear Popette, I love you so much. You are such a happy, funny, sweet little girl. I am going to miss you so much while you are at "big school" having fun and making new friends.

I really hope you love your school, and like your teacher.

Leading up to school, you've been so excited about buying your uniform, your lunchbox and school shoes. 

You love trying on your shoes, which you tell us that you need to "practice walking in".

You love to sit and write your name and then spell it out (even though you pronounce it with a "B" and not a "V"). 

When I ask you how many days will you be going to big school, you yell excitedly "5!". Then count my fingers on my hand, I then wonder if you fully understand that you will be there that many days.

I hope that you have a wonderful teacher who will look after you, who is nice to you, nurtures and encourages you, and helps you grow into a confident, happy student.

If you see me crying today, don't think its because big school is scary or because I don't want you to go (I don't, but I know you have to). I'm crying because I am so proud of you, and because I love you so very much.

Lots of love,
Mumma xxx