03 September 2010

I hate teething...but love my hubby :0)

Teething, I hate it. I even hate the word itself. Now I know hate is a strong word, but when you see your little one in pain (even though I've been told by a Tresilian nurse that they don't experience pain!! Yeah right),and feel as though there's nothing you can do but give them some panadol or neurofen etc, you've got to hate it. I'm thinking of forming a "I hate teething" group....do you want to join??

My little one had the worst night last night. I had an idea that she might be teething, as a couple days beforehand she started to get a terrible nappy rash with bleeding....poor thing. Then yesterday afternoon she started to get a clear runny nose and was sneezing. I thought she might of picked up a bug, but after reading various information, it all seems to point to the dreaded teething. Her top two molars have been cutting through what seems like forever, so I hope they will finally come through once and for all, and give my little one a break for a while before the bottom molars come through :(

Last night we put her to bed at around 7.30pm, she woke up at 11pm with a blocked nose and could hardly breathe, and because she was awake started crying, which made her vomit all in her cot....the poor little darling. My heart goes out to her when I see her like this. She didn't want Mummy's cuddles which made me feel a bit upset, she just wanted Daddy's strong arms holding her...which I know makes me feel better when I'm feeling sick too. She is surely Daddy's little girl.

My hubby was my hero last night, he knew I wasn't feeling too great myself and told me to go to bed and that he would stay up with our daughter. I went to bed at around 1am, then got woken up at 2am when he was trying to put her to bed, so got back up...she slept for 1/2 hour than woke up crying at 2.30am, which is when I got told to go back to bed....my hubby didn't get her back to bed until 3.45am and still went to work today :(

It ended up that she was hungry after vomitting up all her dinner....do you think we would have realised that, nope, we tried giving her some milk with her meds, but she didn't want that, she even knocked back a cracker when she was crying!! In the end, she managed to eat some crackers and half a banana, before finally going back to bed.

Today she is miserable, she didn't drink her milk and hardly ate her breakfast. I was able to get her to have some dimetapp for her nose, and put her to bed at 11.15am, so hopefully she'll have a nice long sleep and wake up feeling better.

We have a vaporiser which we put eucalyptus in to help her breathe, but I'm finding it harder and harder to give her her meds, so have been putting them in her milk, as she won't take them off us. We also put Vicks on her chest and elevate one end of her bed, so her nose doesn't run down the back of her throat.

Don't you just hate teething! Grrrrr......

What do you do to help your little ones?

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