03 November 2010

Back to normality

I'm back! Did you miss me? Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged...even though I don't know if anyone is actually reading this blog? Are you there? Anyone, anyone at all?

As my heading says, I'm back to normality...unfortunately :(  Which means back to the usual routine, including, but not limited to... looking after bubs, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, picking up the toys...again & again, vaccuming the rugs, sweeping the floors, folding up the clothes and putting them away etc etc. Get my drift?

SuperDad, Popette and I have just returned from a lovely, relaxing family holiday at the beach. We had a wonderful time at Shoal Bay which is located within Port Stephens, NSW. We stayed at a lovely holiday park which is opposite the beach at Shoal Bay, so only a hop, skip and jump from our cabin. :-)

This year we stayed in a cabin that had water views, I know very posh, luckily it didn't cost any extra....it was first in, first served! Yippee!! The best thing about it, was the child-proof gate on the deck, which allowed my little one some freedom and the ability to play inside and outside on the deck.

Beautiful Shoal Bay!

The weather was fantastic most days and spent a great amount of time at the beach. My little one got her first bucket, thanks to Nanna and Poppy, so was introduced to playing in the sand, and building sandcastles...even though she much preferred demolishing the sandcastles....hmmm.....maybe she'll have a job in demolition one day ;-)

The best thing about being away was little housework to worry about (if you're a Stay-at-home Mum or Dad, you will know what I'm talking about!! ;-)), no appointments to rush to, no people calling in or calling you on the phone...it was lovely, just the three of us having a fun time.

Now that we are back, hubby has returned to work.. :( and bubba and I are back to music classes, swimming lessons, various appointments as well as catching up with other Mums and Bubs.

I don't know about you, but I cherish the time I have with my little family, it doesn't matter if it's away on holidays, at home or going on a picnic at the park (one of our favourite things to do). It's a shame hubby had to go back to work, but I guess someone has to earn  money for us to do nice things and pay for the mortgage, bills etc. I'm very lucky to have a hubby who only wants the best for his girls, and who works hard in looking after us.....so thanks hubby xxx.

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