11 August 2015

Letter to the new NICU Mumma

Hello Mumma,

I know it sounds strange to be called Mumma when your baby should still be in your tummy.

I know you are scared, terrified, anxious, worried about what you did that could have caused your baby to be born early. 

Nothing you did made your baby come early.

Be kind to yourself Mumma. I know its hard. 

Please don't feel like a failure because you couldn't bring your baby to full term. Its not your fault. 

If you had a choice your baby would still be all snug in your tummy, growing and getting all the nutrients it needs. 

You gave your baby as much as you possibly could. Please don't beat yourself up.

I know it hurts not to have your baby in the room with you, or to be able to hold her, nurse her, or when you hear the joy of other new Mumma's with their newborns in the room. 

Its okay to be angry, to cry, to be disappointed. 

But also remember the joy when you first saw your sweet baby's face. The moment you got to hold her tiny little finger and hear her cry.

Spend time talking to her, let her hear your voice, tell her your dreams, read her stories. 

Touch her through the portholes of the humidicrib so she knows you are there and she's not all alone.

Help the nurses with changing her nappy when you are able to.

Believe that her doctor and nurses are doing their very best to look after your little one. You may not believe it when they say she can come off the oxygen machine and can breathe on her own. Rest assured they know what they are doing.

It will be worth it once you get to hold that sweet baby in your arms and eventually take her home.

You may question the doctors time and time again, and worry about all the different alarms and monitors going off. Remember everything they are doing is for a good reason, and is so your little one can soon come home.

Mumma, make sure you sleep when you can, eat healthy, drink water and try to think positively about your sweet baby. You need to look after yourself.

I know you are finding it difficult, but you need to rest and make sure you have plenty of strength to get you through this difficult time. 

Be there for your partner, cry, talk, hug, share your thoughts and worries.

I know this isn't the start into parenthood you wanted, but its here now so make sure you treasure every moment with your little one.

Lots of love, Julie
ex-NICU Mummy of Popette (6 1/2 years)

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  1. Oh dear. The heart strings are a-tugging and the tears are welling. What a beautiful message. #teamIBOT

  2. Caring helpful words - I hope the people who need this post, find it.

  3. What a lovely letter of comfort, understanding and support. I know I was scared enough when my middle child was born 3 weeks early and ended up in NICU due to feeding issues and jaundice. I can only imagine the course of emotions felt with premature birth, especially when the outcome is in doubt. I hope many premmie mums find comfort from your experience Julie x

  4. What a beautiful letter, that I'm sure many could benefit from.

  5. I can only imagine how hard it would be for parents to go through this...such a beautifully penned letter that should help a lot of families out there

  6. Oh Julie, this will be such a teary-comfort to many scared mums. x

  7. Oh Julie. I have no words... just big fat tears xx


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