08 June 2011

Crafty times with "Popette"

These past few days the weather has been getting pretty chilly in the Blue Mountains. It's getting that way, that its too cold to play outside for too long or for a play at the park. Although we did venture outside for a little while yesterday to pick up sticks for Daddy so he could light the fire when he got home.

As "Popette's" picked up a cold and has a horrible chesty cough, I also haven't wanted to take her out anywhere. So over the past couple days we've missed music class, and catching up with her little friends and the Mums from Mums group.

I have been thinking of fun things we could do besides plonking her in front of the TV, which isn't a hard thing to do when I'm getting breakfast/lunch/dinner ready, having a shower or cleaning up around the house, I just turn on the TV to "ABC for Kids" and she'll sit there happily watching "Play School", "Sesame Street" or whatever else is on. Although the TV has been on most mornings, I try and turn it off for a few hours and make sure she does something fun with Mummy. Being a Mummy who loves all types of arts and crafts, it had to be some arty & crafty type fun ;-)

On Monday we started off with some colouring-in...."Popette" has a few scrap books containing pages and pages of drawings she has done or ones I have helped her with, which she then colours in. As well as a couple colouring-in books which she'll sit and happily colour-in.

Yesterday we did some painting, which "Popette" loves to do. I enjoy watching her mixing up her paints and telling me what she is painting. With most of her paintings she told me 'its a sunny day', hmm...not sure where the sun was, but she kept telling me 'its a sunny day Mum', I helped her paint a rainbow and she painted some flowers, beautiful!

Today we had some fun with play-doh. I got out my old cookie cutters and we made shapes with the doh. Then I gave her a peg and small piece of wood which she used to decorate her shapes....lots of fun.

Each afternoon we've also spent time playing blocks and building all sorts of houses, towers, stables for her little farm animals or garages for her cars. Yesterday it was a tunnel for her car...sometimes it'll be "Mum Captain Swords ship" [aka Captain Feathersword], now that made Mummy use her brain!!

Other crafty things we have done lately include making flower pictures by sticking cupcake patties and pipe cleaners on pieces of paper, and making pictures of farm animals using little coloured pom-poms, and cotton-wool balls stuck on pieces of paper.

Do your kids enjoy arts and crafts? What sort of things do your kids like to make?

Now to think of what we'll do tomorrow!!

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