28 July 2012

Week 30: Grateful for what I have

Today I caught up with some girlfriends for brunch who I hadn't seen for 6 months, we see each other maybe twice a year, and catchup on what each other has been up to. One of my friends has just come back from an amazing holiday in Africa.

While she was there she partaked in a "working bee" in the community of Nakuru, Kenya, where she helped paint furniture in an orphanage, organise activities for the kids at the local school, and delivered food to the needy.

She told us stories about people who had lost their homes due to a change in parliament. Where one day they were living in a lovely home filled with possessions, and the next living in an old tent or shack at the local tip amongst the garabage, where they scavenged for food and materials to use as shelter. She delivered food to these people, who were so appreciative danced and sang songs in return. It was a real eye-opener of a trip for her, and made her feel grateful that she could help in such a small way.

I think of those poor people in Africa living at that tip, with no fresh food or water, no proper shelter or clothing for themselves or their children, and that's if they have their children living at "home". Most children in these conditions are taken away from their families and put in an orphanage.

Most children will not go to school as their families can't afford to send them, or families can only afford to send one child to school.

Its so sad and makes me think how grateful and lucky I am for what I have. I am so grateful to be born in a country such as Australia, and to be living in a house with a floor and four walls, running water and electricity, not to mention, have food in our bellies and clothes on our backs.

I think there are times when I take things for granted, and not think about our fortunate we really are, but today I am grateful for what I have.


  1. Oh yes we are so very blessed. But I need the reminder too. Beautiful post x

  2. So true, there is so much we take for granted here and always wanting more and more, when what we look at what we actually have, it's amazing!

    1. Thanks Tat, The people that are happier and so much more grateful for the little things, not possessions or a nice fancy home is what amazes me. :)

  3. Here, here, Julie. (Is it here, here or hear here or hear hear? I never know!!) I have travelled a lot of the world and I hope that I never take for granted all that we are afforded here. I also hope I never forget that all that stuff is not the key to a good life - so many people living in poverty the world over will attest to that. Happiness is achieved through much more important things.


    1. Thanks Bron.

      I'll go with the first (I'm never sure of where, were and wear myself!)

      When my hubby & I travelled to Vanuatu we saw people living in tin shacks and sleeping on dirt floors, they owned nothing but were truly happy. Makes you wonder how happy we'd all be if we didn't have all the possession cluttering up our homes :)


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